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About Maletha

Near Srinagarbetween Devprayag and Kirtinagar on NH-58
9 kms / 19 mins
From Gola Bazaar, Srinagar
1 hr

Maletha in Srinagar Garhwal

Maletha is small but famous village near Srinagar. A well known historic place in Uttarakhand, Maletha is known for the bravery of Madho Singh Bhandari. The village is situated at 5 kms from Srinagar town on Devprayag Road.

Maletha - Village of Brave Madho Singh Bhandari

Madho singh Bhandari was a brave man born in a well known family in Maletha village in 1595. His father Sonban Kalo Bhandari, who was a great warrior got an estate in Garhwal region from the King of Garhwal. It was Madho Singh who drew the international boundary between India and Tibet which is presently known as the Mac- Mohan line.

Madhav Singh Bhandari is known for his bravery and the work he did for the people of Maletha. He was appointed as the Commander in Chief of King Mahipat Shah. according to the popular legend once when Madho Singh on a visit to his village, he found that his son was growing into a young man but not getting a enough healthy meal. Maletha region at that time was very dry and people used to grew only some coarse millet like Jhangora (Bajra) as no other crops get cultivated due to lack of water. Food and vegetable were very difficult to get from the land. Madho Singh Bhandari thought about the matter and decided to bring water in the region of Maletha. He noticed that the nearest water body was the Chandrabhanga river but to be connected to Maletha they had to dig a tunnel through the hard rocks for a stretch of 2kms. After this Madho Singh Bhandari with hhe villagers of Maletha dug a fully functional tunnel which still works as good as before. But the water was not flowing into the tunnel as planned after many rituals and worships it was concluded that Madho singh had to sacrifice his son to make the goddess happy. At this Madho Singh Bhandari sacrificed his son Gaje Singh and placed his head on the mouth of the tunnel. From that day till today water has never stopped flowing from the tunnel into the fields of Maletha. 

After this Madho Singh Bhandari joined his duty back and left his home with a very big heart. It is said that Madho Singh Bhandari never returned back after that to his village Maletha. Even now the legend of Madho Singh is worshipped in Maletha. Their is a big statue of Madho Singh holding digging tool in his shoulder where every year people of Maletha worship him.That tunnel still run with flow of water and the place is well cultivated with vegetables, grains, wheat, rice and fruits.

How to Reach Maletha Village

Maletha is located on NH 58 near Srinagar. Maletha is situated at 5 kms from Srinagar town on Devprayag road. One can reach easily by hiring taxi or bus from Rishikesh, Haridwar and Dehradun. Devprayag is at 25 kms from Maletha. Nearest airport is at Jollygrant Dehradun (116 kms) and railway station at Rishikesh (96 kms) and Dehradun (137 kms).

Location of Maletha

Maletha is located in Near Srinagar ( between Devprayag and Kirtinagar on NH-58).

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