Places to See in Srinagar

Srinagar has 4 tourist spots and places to see.

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There are 4 tourist spots in Srinagar where travellers can spent their leisure time. Here you will find list of all the Srinagar sightseeing options which you must visit and plan your itinerary accordingly. Explore the hidden gems of Srinagar through this well-researched list, learn about the most happening places, things to do, famous picnic spots for a memorable vacation in Srinagar.

Dhari Devi Temple

Dhari Devi Temple

14.2 kms / 30 mins
On the banks of Alaknanda river, the holy temple of Goddess Dhari Devi is located between Srinagar and Rudraprayag on Badrinath Road. Dhari Devi Templ...


9 kms / 19 mins
Maletha is small but famous village near Srinagar. A well known historic place in Uttarakhand, Maletha is known for the bravery of Madho Singh Bhandar...
Gola Bazaar

Gola Bazaar

Gola Bazaar or Gola market is cool destination to shop and hang out, the Gola Bazaar located in Srinagar Garhwal is one such place that every shopahol...


6.1 kms / 15 mins
Kirtinagar is a small town located at Tehri Garhwal district in Uttarakhand. Scenically situated on the banks of holy Alaknanda river, Kirtinagar is a...

Some other places to see in Srinagar

HNB Garhwal University: HNBGU stands for Hemwati Nandan Bahuguna Garhwal University. It was established in the year 1973 and recently this university has been centrally recognized. HNBGU have redefined the quality of education ever since its foundation. HNB University is located in the lap of natural beauty and this helps the students in concentration. Hemwati Nandan Bahuguna Garhwal University has jurisdiction over seven districts of the Garhwal region. HNB Garhwal University offers education in all fields like Arts, Agriculture, Commerce, Management, Law, Engineering, Tourism, History, Archeology, Science and Pharmacy. The literacy rate of Uttarakhand is 72% which is way more than the literacy rate India in combined. The library of the Garhwal University has over 2,00,000 books.

Kamleshwar Temple: The residing deity of Kamleshwar Mandir is Lord Shiva. The temple is situated on the banks of the holy Alaknanda River. According to Hindu mythology Lord Rama offered one of his eyes to Lord Shiva in place of a lost lotus flower. This place is one of the five Maheshwara peeths located in the Himalayas.

Keshorai Math: Keshorai Math is dedicated to Lord Narayan. In the year 1682 a person named Kesho Rai constructed this temple while his visit to Badrinath. After getting tired by walking for a very long time Kesho Rai planned to sleep at this place and in his dreams Narayan appeared and asked him to dig at the place where he was sleeping. Kesho Rai woke up and started digging and he soon discovered an image of Narayan, he then constructed a temple here.

Vishnu Mohini Temple: This holy spot is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and Goddess Laxmi. This temple is not far from the market of Srinagar.

Kilkileshwar Mahadev: There is another temple dedicated to Lord Shiva located on the banks of the sacred Alaknanda River named as Kilkileshwar Mahadev. This sacred temple was established by the legendary Hindu Guru, Adishankaracharya.

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