Museums in Roorkee

The famed IIT in Roorkee is probably enough to stress the importance of Roorkee as an educational hub. Many schools, colleges, and institutions have been set up in Roorkee. Apart from that, various museums shave also been opened in Roorkee for tourists and students alike. Some of the popular museums in Roorkee are listed below

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Roorkee Group Museum and Archives

Primarily an army museum, Roorkee Group Museum, and Archives was established in 1978 and consists of large volumes of documents, paintings, and historic books. Apart from this, tourists can also get a glimpse of medals and portraits of Bengal Engineer Group - remnants of British Indian Army's Bengal Army of the Bengal Presidency in British India; now a regiment of the Corps of Engineers in the Indian Army. Some of the weapons and artillery used by the Indian Army are also at display in the museum.

Roorkee Group Museum and Archives is open from Monday to Saturday. Morning hours are from 8 AM to 1 PM while evening hours are from 5 PM to 7 PM.

Geology and Geophysics Museum

The Geology and Geophysics museum in Roorkee consists of various samples of rocks and minerals found in/on earth along with their description. Some of the rarest of rock samples include bending sandstone. Apart from that, the museum also has a microscope which is as old as 1857 and is believed to belong to Sir Medlicott, the first professor of IIT Roorkee.

Survey Museum

Established in 1950, Survey Museum is one of the popular museums in Roorkee and has various surveying and mapping instruments at the display for tourists and students. The museum is open to tourists from 9:30 AM to 4:30 AM. For people interested in navigation tools such as compass and sextant, this museum is an ideal place to explore and learn about old and new surveying techniques.

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