Naina Devi Bird Reserve

    About Naina Devi Bird Reserve

    Uttarakhand is the first state of the country to have a National Park which was set up by the name of Hailey National Park (now Jim Corbett National Park). The hill state has carved niche for itself in taking initiative for conserving rich flora and fauna of the country. The Himalayan paradise is known to be home of some of the rarest species of animals and birds as well. Carrying on the legacy, Uttarakhand has put a step forward in contributing to the sustenance of concealed and endangered species of birds by paying homage in the Naina Devi Bird Reserve, Pangot.

    Get Naina Devi Bird Reserve travel guide & some travel tips.

    Naina Devi Himalayan Bird Conservation Reserve, Kilbury-Pangot

    Naina Devi Bird Reserve is situated at an elevation of 2,084 mts above sea level at Kilbury-Pangot, 15 km north of Nainital. Spread at a sprawling area of 11,191.90 hectares the reserve was made open for public in May 2015. It received the status of "reserve" in March 2007 comprising over 200 species of rarest and endangered birds. The area stretches along the Nainital-Kunjhark Road, over 12 forest blocks of the division.

    The bird reserve in Kilbury is a paradise for bird watchers and ornolgists. The place is expected to be flocked by bird watchers from various parts of the gobe.

    Bird Species in Naina Devi Bird Reserve, Nainital

    Some of the important species of bird found here are :

    • Cheer Pheasant
    • Red-headed Vulture
    • Greater Spotted Eagle
    • Eastern Imperial Eagle
    • Grey-crowned Prinia
    • Black-crested Tit
    • Green-crowned Warbler
    • Whistler's Warbler.

    The subtropical highlands, adorned with dense forest of oak and pine serve as habitat of a vast variety of Himalayan birds - bearded vulture, Himalayan griffon, kalji pheasant, goldcrest, koklass pheasant, hill partridge, black-chinned babbler, black-throated tit, rock bunting, green-tailed sunbird, etc. The reserve is dotted by invigorating and delighful hamlets in its periphery viz., Barapathar, Kilbury and Vinayak. Which will turn out out to be charming treat for eyes and soul for the travelers. The untouched mountaineous beauty in the captivating silence leaves the nature admirers at awe.

    Activities in Naina Devi Bird Reserve

    Bird WatchingSet up in 2015, there is variety of Himalayan bird species at Naina Devi Bird Reserve which will surely delight bird watchers and ornithologists. Some birds spotted often are Cheer peasant, Easter imperial eagle, Whistler’s warbler, red-headed vulture, Great spotted eagle etc.       

    Nature Walk: The dense forest laden with pine and oak trees that envelop the Naina Devi Bird Reserve (NDBR) is perfect place for morning and evening walks. There are few hushed hamlets like Kilbury, Barapathar and Vinayak in the vicinity of NDBR where one could hike to.

    Naina Devi Bird Reserve Travel Tips

    • Apart from the bird species, some of the mammals including barking deer, yellow-throated marten, yellow-bellied weasel, stoat, Himalayan goral are also present in this reserve.  
    • It is wise to check with local authorities, tour guides or tour operators about the weather and road conditions during monsoons before you actually start your trek.
    • Be a responsible tourist and abide by the guidelines outlined by the forest authorities. Follow the rules and regulations for the sake of flora and fauna that inhabits the place.
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