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Nainital in June

The minimun and maximum temperature in June in Nainital is 14.4°C and 22.9°C respectively. The weather is generally pleasant and clear in June and you would feel pleasant throughout the day. Summer Clothes clothes are recommended for Nainital in June.

Nainital Weather in June

Warm and Pleasant weather, summer clothes preferable with one or two warm clothes to keep warm at nights.

Nainital enjoys a temperate climate with the maximum temperature reaching 27° C and the minimum temperature at 10°C during summers.

Best time to Visit Nainital 

Everyone has their preference for a particular season and climate while planning a holiday. Nainital usually offers a pleasant climate throughout the year. If one is keen on experiencing a wintry and chilling ambience and atmosphere then the best time to visit Nainital is anytime in November, December, January and February. 

The months of March, April, May, June, September and October are generally pleasant and warm with slightly chilling nights. 

July and August are the rainy seasons in Nainital and those who find delight and calmness in the rains can definitely visit Nainital anytime around these months.

Nainital in Different Seasons

During the summer months (March to June): Nainital experiences comfortable temperatures ranging from around 10 to 25 degrees Celsius (50 to 77 degrees Fahrenheit).
The weather is generally clear, and the days are warm, making it an ideal time for outdoor activities. Summers in Nainital are  mild and pleasant, making it an attractive escape from the heat in the plains.

Some festivals may occur during the summer months, offering a chance to experience the local culture and traditions. Summer is a peak tourist season in Nainital, so you can expect a relatively higher number of visitors. It's advisable to plan and book accommodations in advance.

Clothing in summers: While days are warm, evenings can be cool, so it's recommended to carry a light jacket or sweater for the evenings.

Winter in Nainital typically lasts from November to February. During this period, temperatures can drop significantly, with daytime temperatures ranging from 0 to 15 degrees Celsius (32 to 59 degrees Fahrenheit). Nainital in winters transforms into a picturesque winter wonderland, offering a unique and enchanting experience.

Visiting Nainital in winter offers a completely different experience compared to other seasons, with its serene snow-covered landscapes and the chance to enjoy various winter activities.

While winter attracts fewer tourists compared to the summer season, it's advisable to check accommodation availability in advance, especially if you plan to visit during the Christmas or New Year holidays.

Snowfall in Nainital: Nainital often experiences snowfall during the winter months, especially in December and January. The snow-covered landscapes add a magical touch to the town.

Clothing in Winters: Winter in Nainital requires warm clothing, including heavy jackets, sweaters, thermals, and waterproof boots, especially if you plan to experience the snow.

Nainital Temperature and Weather Details

Check out the month wise weather update for Nainital


: 10.4°C / 1.1°C
: Chances Of Snowfall
It is mostly chilling winters during January in Nainital. Usually sunny days, sometimes foggy and rains. Can expect snowfall. Pleasant and chilling winters amalgamation.


: 11.2°C / 2.4°C
Chilling winters, chances of snowfall. Month of Feb is pleasant during day time and chilling cold nights.


: 15.5°C / 5.7°C
Daytime is generally an amalgamation of sunny bright days and cold weather ; Nights are generally cold; Pleasant days and cold nights.


: 19.9°C / 10.1°C
Warm and pleasant during day and cold during the night.


: 23.2°C / 13.3°C
Sunny and slightly warm during day and slightly cold at night, pleasant feeling throughout.


: 22.9°C / 14.4°C
Warm and Pleasant weather, summer clothes preferable with one or two warm clothes to keep warm at nights.


: 20.1°C / 14.3°C
Pleasant weather, rainy and sometimes foggy; Advised to carry warm clothes.


: 19.6°C / 14°C
Carry warm clothes ; Rainy and Pleasant weather.


: 19.3°C / 12.6°C
Pleasant and slightly cold weather.


: 18°C / 9.3°C
Warm clothes recommended, pleasant and sunny days with cold nights.


: 15.4°C / 5.9°C
Pleasant and cool during daytime and chilling during night.


: 12.°C / 3.2°C
Pleasant sunny days with chilling nights. Chances of snowfall during Christmas and New Year.

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