Namik Glacier Trek

Namik Glacier Trekking Guide

Perched at an elevation of 3600 mts in the Kumaon Himalayas in Pithoragarh district of Uttarakhand, Namik Glacier is majestic glacier stretching over 3 km. Namik Glacier is the source of Ramganga River and resides on the Indo-Tibetan trade route. 

The Namik glacier is surrounded by the mountain peaks of Nanda Devi (7,848 m), Trishul (7,120 m), and Nanda Kot (6,861 m).  The name Namik Glacier is taken from Namik Village. Namik means ‘saline water springs’ and it perfectly describes the characteristics of the glacier as a number of waterfalls and sulphur springs originate around the glacier.

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Namik Glacier Trek Tour Packages

Namik Glacier Trekking Tour from Bageshwar
9 Days / 8 Nights
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About Namik Trek

The trek route to Namik Glacier starts from Munsiyari, a beautiful hamlet in the Pithoragarh district of Uttarakhand. The trail goes through the scenic villages of Gogina and Namik, mesmerizing waterfalls, sulphur springs, lush meadows, dense forests, and a captivating landscape. 

Namik Glacier Trek has a challenging track but is facilitated with an equally beautiful landscape. From dense forests and lush meadows to waterfalls, sulphur springs, and scenic villages, you’ll experience them all in this trek.

The camping sites of Namik Glacier trek offer the much needed peace after a tiring day. Set at beautiful locations, the sites allow you to experience the beauty of the Himalayas and the nature to its fullest.

Village Tourism: One of the best things about Namik Glacier trek is its scope for village tourism. The trek route goes through the scenic hamlets of Namik and Gogina which are culturally rich and lively villages. You can explore the villages and also seek out the beautiful Kimu Village located near Gogina.

How to Reach Namik Glacier

The trek to Namik Glacier starts from Munsiyari. Munsiyari is well connected to major cities of Uttarakhand.

By road till Munsiyari: Munsiyari is located at a distance of 593 km and at a distance of 129 km from Pithoragarh. If you are travelling from Delhi, you can hire a taxi till Munsiyari or take a bus till Pithoragarh, Almora, or Haldwani and then another bus or taxi till Munsiyari. Buses and taxis to Munsiyari are easily available from major cities of Kumaon region of Uttarakhand.

Best Time for Namik Glacier Trekking

The best time to visit Namik Glacier is during the months of May, June, September, and October.

Summers: The summer months of May and June offers a suitable timing for Namik Glacier Trek. During this time, the skies the clear, the paths are easy to traverse through, and the climate is pleasant.

Post monsoons: The post monsoon months of September and October present you with a fresh environment and a beautiful view.

Note: Avoid trekking during monsoon and winter seasons.

Namik Glacier Trek Tour Packages

Namik Glacier Trekking Tour from Bageshwar
9 Days / 8 Nights
₹. 14,500.00

Namik Glacier Trek Travel Tips

  • Carry your identity card and passport sized photographs.
  • Ensure that you get your cash, fill in petrol, and buy other necessities from the nearest town.
  • Do not forget to carry medical kit for headaches, cold, cough, stomach ache, etc. as you could need them during your trek.
  • Carry appropriate woollen clothing, shoes, and equipment for trekking and camping. Even if you travel in summers, you will need warm clothes for the trek. 
  • Get detailed guidelines for the trek from your guide/agency beforehand and prepare the required items well in advance.
  • The best time for Namik Glacier Trek is during the months of May, June, September, and October.
  • Owing to the altitude and duration of the trek, altitude sickness and AMS can be a problem for some. Inform your group and your guide and practice some relaxation measures like slow deep breathing.
  • Any sort of discomfort must be talked through with the group.
     To avoid such situations, have water at regular intervals, breathe properly, take regular breaks, and do not over exert yourself.

Namik Glacier Trek Suggested Itinerary

The trek route to Namik Glacier is as follows: Munsiyari – Senar Gad Meadows – Dhaldauk – Sudamkhan – Hiramani Glacier – Namik Glacier – Sudamkhan – Namik Village – Gogina – Liti

Day 1: Munsiyari – Senar Gad meadows
Total distance: 7 km/3 hrs

The 7 km trek to Senar Gad meadows from Munsiyari is moderately easy and can be completed in 3 hrs. You will camp alongside the beautiful Senar Gad meadows.


Day 2: Senar Gad meadows – Dhaldauk
 Total distance: 11 km/5 hrs

The route from Senar Gad meadows to Dhaldauk is the one which is frequented by shepherds and commands. The trail is an easy one with the beautiful Panchachuli hills accompanying you as you move forward.

Day 3: Dhaldauk – Sudamkhan
Total distance: 7 km/3 hrs

Sudamkhan offers panoramic views of the Himalayas and the entire landscape looks captivating from here. You will camp at Sudamkhan.

Day 4: Sudamkhan – Hiramani Glacier
Total distance: 9 km/4 hrs

Hiramani Glacier is surrounded by an enchanting environment and from here, you will witness great views of the Nanda Kot and Nanda Devi peaks. You will camp at the edges of the glacier. The sunrise and sunset view from the glacier is heavenly.

Day 5: Hiramani Glacier – Namik Glacier – Sudamkhan
Total distance: 14 km/5 hrs

You will start your trek early in the morning and reach the majestic Namik Glacier. Set at an elevation of 3,600 m, Namik Glacier is surrounded by the Nanda Devi, Nanda Kot, and Trishul mountain pbnveaks. After taking in the enchanting views of the glacier, you will return towards Sudamkhan. You will have your dinner and camp at Sudamkhan.

Day 6: Sudamkham – Namik Village
Total distance: 11 km/5 hrs

Namik Village is a Bhotia Village and the descent towards the village is an easy one. The houses in Namik Village are built traditionally with a lot of wood carvings. Situated in the Indo-Tibetan trade route, Namik Village used to be one of the centres of trade in the region. Camping in Namik Village will provide a lot of opportunities to explore and know about the local lifestyle.

Day 7: Namik Village – Gogina
Total distance: 6 km/3 hrs

Gogina Village is a small village in the heart of Ramganga Valley. It is a beautiful village characterized by the traditional houses. If you are up for exploring, you can also visit the captivating Kimu Village, located nearby Gogina. 

Day 8: Gogina – Liti
Total distance: 19 km/6 hrs

The trail towards the road head of Liti goes through easy descents. You will have your dinner and stay overnight at Liti.

Day 9: Liti – Bageshwar – Kathgodam

Today, you will start with your return journey. 

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