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Nandhaur Wildlife Sanctuary

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Proposed Tiger Reserve

This wildlife sanctuary of Uttarakhand was established in 2012 which is cradled between the Gola and Sharda rivers in the Haldwani forest division which covers an area of 269.96 km square. The sanctuary is a link between the Bramhadev and Sukhlaphata Wildlife Reserves of Nepal and the western forests of Ramnagar and the Terai central forest division in India. 

Recently, The National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA) has recommended Nandhaur Wildlife Sanctuary to be the third tiger reserve in the state. Uttarakhand has the maximum tiger population in any reserve of the world with 215 tigers. Nandhaur seems to be quite promising for tiger conservation as per the member secretary of NTCA.

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Before it was notified as a wildlife sanctuary by the Indian Ministry of Environment and Forests most of the Nandhaur landscape was a reserve forest. Nandhaur is primarily a sal forest and has been a part of the Shivalik Elephant Reserve since 2002. It was in 2004 that the Wildlife Institute of India recognized Nandhaur as one of the feasible habitats. This sanctuary is a part of the Terai Arc Landscape (TAL) which stretches from Uttarakhand in India and extends to Nepal. 

There are two forest rest houses: Aonlakhera FRH and  Jaulasal FRH at Nandhaur Wild Life Sanctuary

Flora-Fauna in Nandhaur Wildlife Sanctuary

Being a naturally rich place, the Nandhaur Wildlife Sanctuary is a home to more than 100 species of trees, over 30 shrub species and around 35 species of grasses and climbers. Nandhaur is also home to more than 250 species of birds, 15 species of reptiles and 20 species of fishes. The major mammalian species include Asian elephants, leopards, tigers and sloth bears. 

The forest department have found a tree which is termed as the King of Trees. The tree is expected to be 200 years old with 54 feet wide and 120 feet high

How to Reach

The Nanduar Wildlife Sanctuary situated in the Haldwani forest division is adjacent to Corbett and Ramnagar in Nainital district. It can be easily accessed via bus, train or taxi. The nearest railhead is Kathgodam Railway Station and Pantnagar Civil Aerodrome is the nearest airport to Nanduar. You can also hire local taxis from Pantnagar airport or from Kathgodam to Nanduar wildlife sanctuary.   

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