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Lansdowne is a small hill station. So there are very few restaurants where you can go for the diner and lunch. Don't expect varieties of cuisines they have limited cuisines. The names of the restaurants are

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It is well located in the heart of Gandhi Chowk. This restaurant is very popular among tourists. They have limited seats inside the restaurant. They have a specialty in chicken Labrador. The prices are pretty reasonable and affordable than all other restaurants nearby.


They serve Chinese, South Indian, and North Indian too. This is the only restaurant which remains open till 10 pm. It is in the Sadar market.

Oaktown's Flavor

It is located near Gandhi Chowk. They serve mouthwatering dishes like Chinese and North Indian food.

Mithas Restaurants

It is located Near Garhwal Inter-College, Lansdowne. This restaurant is one of the few options to eat out in Lansdowne. Savor the simple delicacies at Mithas, where good food comes with good service. They usually serve Mughlai food but there are few Chinese dishes that are also a part of the menu.

Kaludanda Cafe

Named after the original name of Lansdowne which was renamed during the British rule in India, Kaladanda Cafe is a small restaurant that serves tea, coffee, snacks and popular dishes such as dosa.

Zayka Restaurant

Situated near Gandhi Chowk (main circle), Zayka Restaurant is a budget restaurant that serves wide variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. The service is quick and food is decent. The food rates are quite reasonable and can be considered ideal option for budget travelers.

Travel Cafe

Travel Cafe is a one-of-its-kind antique shop in Lansdowne. The décor and ambience of the place takes back you to the hippie era of the late 70s. The walls adorned with pop culture references and vintage items which complement the colorful tea kettles and cutlery. The café offers coffee, snacks and few continental dishes.

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