Solani Aqueduct, Photo:

Solani Aqueduct

About Solani Aqueduct

RoorkeePathanpura, Roorkee
2.2 kms / 9 mins
From IIT Roorkee
1 hr

Solani Aqueduct in Roorkee

The Solani Aqueduct in Roorkee was built in 1846 over Old Ganga Nahar also known as Old Upper Ganga Canal. This aqueduct has an average diameter of 0.25 millimetres. It is considered as a benchmark in brick masonry structure that is built on Solani River. The 980 feet long aqueduct consists of 15 spans of 50 feet each, which is separated by 10 feet wide piers. One can visit the Solani Park, which is a nice place to visit with your family and friends.

Location of Solani Aqueduct

Solani Aqueduct is located in Roorkee ( Pathanpura, Roorkee).

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