Tara Kund Lake

About Tara Kund Lake

Tara Kund is a small pristine lake perched at 2,200 meters above sea level in Pauri Garhwal region of Uttarakhand. Cradled in the lap of the majestic Himalayas, the lake is situated in the Chariserh Development Area. 

In Kamargarh village of Pauri District 45 km from Pauri city

Tara Kund Lake in Pauri

This lake is surrounded by lush green trees, flowering blossoms and vibrantly coloured wildflowers. One can relish spell-binding views of the snow-capped Himalayas from the lake.

Ma Parvati temple nearby Tarakund Lake:

There is a temple located in the vicinity of the serene lake. During Teej festival of the Hindus, this place becomes lively as it is flooded with local people, who come here to pay homage to the temple deity.

Trek to Tara Kund Lake:

The adventure seekers can trek to this placid lake, which will leave you in awe by its ravishing beauty. This trek is truly captivating as it offers an opportunity to the nature worshippers to connect with nature.

Location of Tara Kund Lake

Tara Kund Lake is located in In Kamargarh village of Pauri District ( 45 km from Pauri city).

Location & How to Reach Tara Kund Lake

The avid travellers can access Tara Kund from any part of the country as Uttarakhand possesses a great network of roads. You can commence your journey from Delhi to Pauri Garhwal, either by bus or train. Upon reaching Pauri, you can take a taxi or bus to reach Padani, located at a distance of 44 km from Pauri. An easy gradient of 5 km will make you reach Tara Kund.

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What is Tara Kund Lake famous for?

Tara Kund Lake is popular place for following activities/ interests - Lakes.

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