Abbott Mount Weather

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Abbott Mount in May

The minimun and maximum temperature in May in Abbott Mount is 14°C and 26.5°C respectively. The weather is generally pleasant and clear in May and you would feel pleasant throughout the day. Summer Clothes clothes are recommended for Abbott Mount in May.

Abbott Mount Weather in May

In May, Abott Mount remains cold with comfortable warm temp at the day time.

Best Time to Visit Abbott Mount

The best time to visit Abbot Mount is throughout the year but try to avoid the monsoon season as you may encounter blockage of roads due to landslides. The region remains covered with the sheets of snow during winters. During summers the weather of Abbott Mount remains pleasant and salubrious.

Abbott Mount Temperature and Weather Details

MonthMin. TempMax. TempWeather
January2.6°C12.6°CChances Of Snowfall
Winter remains at the peak on this month in Abott Mount. Heavy woolen clothes recommended. Chances of Snowfall
February3.5° C14.6° CChances Of Snowfall
Days are very cold with infrequent snowfall. Temperature further goes down at night.
March7.4°C18.8°CPleasant And Clear
Pleasant and soft sunny days with long cold nights.
April11.2°C24°CPleasant And Clear
April is an ideal month for Abott Month. Days are perfect with soft sun with pleasant atmosphere.
May14°C26.5°CPleasant And Clear
In May, Abott Mount remains cold with comfortable warm temp at the day time.
June15.8°C26.1°CPleasant And Clear
Days are sunny and pleasant in the month of June in Abott Mount with a comfortable winter aroma.
You can experience infrequent rain in the month of Jully in Abott Mount which make weather pleasant and cool.
Amalgamation of rainy and soft sunny days. Temp remains pleasant.
September14.6°C22.6°CCloudy And Rains
Amalgamation of cloudy and soft sunny days. Days in September in Abbott Mount are pleasant with soft sun but temp goes down at night.
October11°C21.2°CCloudy And Pleasant
Carry light woolen clothes because October is the arrival of winters in Abott Mount.
November6.9°C17.5°CPleasant And Clear
Soft and pleasant at the day with slightly cold weather. Carry warm clothes.
December can be harsh in Abbott Mount. Temperature remains very cold at the day which further goes down at long freezy nights. Heavy woolen clothes are recommended.
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