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With environs so captivating that it will tempt you to stay here forever, the tiny hill station of Abbott Mount cocooned in the Kali Kumaon region of Uttarakhand is a perfect place for the travel junkies. Falling in the culturally grandiose, Champawat district, this pristine hill station is encircled by the rustic cottages graciously sprawling over five acres of land.

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1. Rewarding Nature Walks

Bestowed with the varied colors of nature, Abbott Mount is a place for the misfits, nature lovers, and loners who seek quietude in the hills. Just fill your petrol tank and within 9 km of stretch, you will come across Marorakhan, a place to explore virgin beauty. A brisk 3 km steep climb will open up to the view of cottony clouds carelessly floating in front of your eyes.

2. Photography

Since the area is naturally abundant, there’s a lot in store for the shutterbugs as they can take some candid pictures of the natural flora and fauna around Abbott Mount

3. Bird Watching

With the chirps of Himalayan birds, Abbott Mount has become one of the best places for bird watchingOne can soak up the beauty of the colorful Himalayan birds that are exclusively found in this region. If you visit this place in summer, you can also see the glittering orchards laden with walnuts and pears.    

4. Play-Cricket at the second-highest Cricket pitch in the world

Not many people know that Abbott Mount boasts the world’s second-highest cricket pitch in the world. It is a little below 7,000 feet and ranks after the pitch in Chail, H.P. From here, you can savor a gorgeous vista of the mountain ranges of Trishul, Maiktoli, Nandakot, Nandaghunti and the twin peaks of the Nanda Devi. On a sunny day, you can also relish a majestic view of the Pindari glacier.

5. Fishing

From March till the onset of Monsoons, you can enjoy angling at Abbott as Pancheshwar, on the confluence of Saryu and Mahakali rivers which harbour a great variety of fishes, especially Mahseer.

6. Bonfire

If you are travelling in a group then you can also have a bonfire night at Abott, where the fireflies light up the dark. 

7. Cultural Exploration

At Abbott Mount, embrace cultural exploration by engaging with the amiable locals and delving into the rich traditions of the Kumaoni region. Immerse yourself in the unique heritage that defines Abbott Mount as the friendly residents share stories and insights, offering a firsthand experience of the region's vibrant and authentic cultural tapestry. Whether attending local events or simply conversing with the community, Abbott Mount provides a warm and inviting setting to discover the essence of Kumaoni traditions.

8. Trekking

Embark on a trek from Abbott Mount to a colonial-era church nestled in a picturesque setting within a dense forest. This charming hill station serves as the perfect base camp for the exhilarating trek to Pancheshwar, where the Saryu and Mahakali rivers converge. Explore the natural beauty and historical gems, creating unforgettable memories in the heart of Uttarakhand's Abbott Mount.

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