Activities In Bhimtal

There are plenty of activities one can partake in at Bhimtal. Sightseeing, trekking, nature walk are some of the activities which tourists tend to indulge in during their visit to Bhimtal. Boating in the lake, which is larger than the Naini Lake, is also a viable activity for tourist and honeymoon couples. Being a popular tourist destination and its proximity to Nainital makes Bhimtal a desirable tourist attraction.

There many activities in Bhimtal through which you can spare your time according to your convenience. The names of the Bhimtal activities are listed below.

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List of Activities you can do in Bhimtal

1. Trekking

Bhimtal is well-known for its best trekking destination. The trekking opportunities are concealed at various locations like Pine Riviera located fourteen km from Bhimtal, which is supposed to be the ideal place for camping. Trekking can also be enjoyed near Bhimtal Lake, which is surrounded by dense forest and nature’s boundary. While trekking up and down this location you can capture scenic views of the valley.

2. Para Gliding

Para Gliding is done at Naukuchiatal, which is located just four km from Bhimtal. The fun of paragliding can be best enjoyed here and you can float like a bird under the blue sky.

3. Boating

Bhimtal - Island on the lake

Boating is another activity to be enjoyed at Bhimtal Lake. This lake is much bigger than Nainital Lake and supported with best-boating facilities. Lake is surrounded by a view of mountains with green forests and a beautiful island at the center of the lake. While moving in a boat you can enjoy the beauty of the hills and valleys.

4. Horse Riding

Horse riding can be best enjoyed at Bara Pathar in Nainital, which is around twenty-five km from Bhimtal. You can hire horses at Bara Pathar on an hourly basis. The amateur riders are accompanied by a horseman, whereas experts can take a ride on their own risk.

5. Cycling / Mountain Biking

There is a lot of scopes for exploring the beautiful region surrounding Bhimtal either by cycling or with the help of a Bike. Cycles and Bikes are hired at Bhimtal, for going on a ride of the nearby area. During ride you can enjoy the surroundings of the valley and mountains.

6. Kayaking in Bhimtal

Bhimtal is the biggest lake in the Nainital District. There is an small island in the middle of the Bhimtal Lake. Kayaking in Bhimtal lake is an activity of thrill and excitement. Kayaking in Bhimtal is for both Nature lovers as well as Adventure Sports Lovers. After reaching the site, a kayaking guide will teach you some skills and techniques. Providing you a life jacket and a kayak, start the kayaking experience around the Bhimtal Lake, past the Island in the middle, and enjoy the beautiful view of the Bhimtal.

7. Hot Air Balloon in Bhimtal

Hot Air Ballooning in Bhimtal will gives you an amazing experience and you will witness the breathtaking views of Bhimtal and some Himalayan ranges. For 12-15 minutes, you will be in the air and also capture some pictures at a height of approx 100 ft. and above. Hote Balloon in Bhimtal is a perfect morning and evening activity, timings will also add ons the perfect sunrise and sunset views in your experience.

8. Water Zorbing in Bhimtal

Tourist enjoying water sports at Bhimtal Lake, Uttarakhand.

Apart from Boating and Kayaking in Bhimtal there is a another fun activity "Water Zorbing". Water zorbing involves getting into a large inflatable ball that allows you to walk, run, or do anything on the surface of water inside that big ball without getting wet. Water Zorbing in Bhimtal can be enjoyed by anyone, from small kids to elder people and enjoy a great time rolling, jumping, tumbling and laughing inside the zorb balls.

9. Sightseeing in Bhimtal

When you visit Bhimtal, you can explore these places to make the most of your experience: Start your day with a serene boat ride on Bhimtal Lake, absorbing the scenic beauty. The lake is approximately 2 kilometers from the town center. Explore the Island Aquarium in the middle of the lake, a unique aquatic haven located about 300 meters from the shore. Visit the ancient Bhimeshwar Mahadev Temple on the lakeside, situated at a distance of approximately 1.5 kilometers, for spiritual serenity. Don't miss the Butterfly Research Center, located around 4 kilometers away, to discover the diverse native butterfly species.

10. Picnic in Bhimtal

If you are in Bhimtal, don't miss the opportunity to indulge in a memorable picnic. Bhimtal's natural beauty provides the perfect backdrop for a leisurely outdoor meal. Choose a scenic spot by Bhimtal Lake, perhaps near the tranquil waters or in the shade of the surrounding greenery. Pack a picnic basket with your favorite snacks and local treats, creating a feast to enjoy amidst the serene ambiance. Whether you opt for a lakeside setting or explore nearby parks like Victoria Dam, a picnic in Bhimtal is sure to offer a relaxing and rejuvenating experience, surrounded by the beauty of nature.

11. Camping & Stargazing in Bhimtal

Camping and stargazing in Bhimtal offer a unique and enchanting experience for nature enthusiasts. Set up your campsite along the shores of Bhimtal Lake or in the nearby hills, surrounded by the serene ambiance of nature. As night falls, immerse yourself in stargazing, away from the city lights, to witness a spectacular display of the night sky. The clear mountain air in Bhimtal provides an ideal environment for observing constellations and celestial bodies. Bring along a telescope, or simply lay back and enjoy the unobstructed view of the stars.

12. Photography in Bhimtal

When exploring Bhimtal, seize the opportunity to encapsulate its beauty through the lens. Begin your visual journey with serene shots of Bhimtal Lake at sunrise or sunset, immersing yourself in the town's natural allure. Discover the unique aquatic life dwelling in the Island Aquarium and document the sacred ambiance enveloping the Bhimeshwar Mahadev Temple. Capture the vivid diversity of native butterflies at the Butterfly Research Center, and immerse yourself in the enchanting world of night sky photography while camping. Take a stroll through Bhimtal Bazaar, capturing candid moments of local life, and wrap up your exploration with food photography at the local eateries, creating a vivid tapestry of Bhimtal's diverse charm.

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