Baraadsar Lake, Photo: Chandar Rawat

Baraadsar Lake

    Baraadsar Tal Trek

    The Baraadsar Lake Trek is one of the very few explored treks in The Himalayas. It is located between the Rupin and Supin valley on the northeastern part of Uttarakhand close from the Himachal border, heading east and then south. 

    The trek starts out from the Rupin valley through various villages, forest and finally over the ridge separating Rupin and Supin valleys with excellent panoramic views. You will see some of the most beautiful campsites during the trek.

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    It is a wonderful trek that will take you through the Briti valley where you will get to see the open-air school, beautiful houses, and unique Kinnauri architecture. You will also see a number of camping sites which are nestled around the huge pine forests especially the Badang meadow. The Bharadsar meadow is at a height of 4400 mts. Before reaching the Bharadsar meadow you will have to pass through dense forests and steep ridges.

    About Baradsaar Lake

    At the Baradsaar Lake, you will get to see the spectacular view of great mountain peaks like the Swargarohini, Bandarpoonch, Kalanag towards the East and the peaks around Kinnaur and Supin Valley towards the West. In some places the trek might get exhausting and long in some places, so you need a lot of fitness. 

    The final will take you to a high ridge at 4400 mts overlooking the lake, with the view from the ridge being really stunning. Gradually you will find yourself standing before a cauldron shaped snowfield. In the middle of this cauldron lies the Baradsaar Lake. The lake stays frozen for most of the year.

    Best Time for Baradsaar Lake Trek

    The best time to travel to Baradsaar Lake is during the month of June and September. These are the months when the weather is very much favorable and not freezing. The snow cover is quite moderate and doesn’t make the trek hard to traverse on to.

    Short Itinerary for the Trek
    Day 1: Dehradun to Sankri (200 km) (7/8 hours) (5,100 feet)
    Day 2: Sankri - Himari to Sarutal (7 km) (5/6 hours) (2000 m)
    Day 3: Sarutal to Badang (8 km) (5/6 hours) (2600 m)
    Day 4: Badang to Masunda Dhar (Vijay Top) (9 km) (4/5 hours) (3600 m)
    Day 5: Masunda Dhar to Dhaldhar (Devbasa) (5/7 km) (4/5 hours) (3650 m)
    Day 6: Dev Basa to Baraadsar Ridge (7 km) (4/5 hours) (4300 m)
    Day 7: Baraadsar Ridge to Baraadsar Lake and back to Dev basa (13 km) (6/7 hours) (2,000 m)
    Day 8: Dev Basa to Rahla Village (Fhitari Village) and drive to Sankri (11 km) (6/7 hours) (2,000 m)
    Day 9: Sankri to Dehradun (210 km)

    Mythology about Baraadsar Lake

    According to local people, the lake is sacred and possess supernatural powers, and a prayer to the Gods at the Baraadsar lake never goes unanswered. It is also famous as a Wish-fulfilling lake.

    Suggested Itinerary for Baraadsar Lake Trek

    Day 1: Dehradun to Sankri to Himri Camp (1970 m), Distance: 12 hrs drive
    Travel from Dehradun to Sankri and then travel to Himri. Set up your camp at Himri nearby the Rupin River and have a sound night.

    Day 2: Himri to Sarutal (2000m), Distance: 7 kms, 5 to 6 hrs
    Start your journey from Himri walking past the Pujali village and to Bitari village and reach at the Bitri village (2,500m). Reach Sarutal and stay overnight.

    Day 3: Saarutal to Badang (2600mt), Distance: 7.2 kms, 4 hours
    Start your journey to Badang which is a moderate yet stiff climb. An hour’s trail will take you towards a pine/deodar forest where the trail eases out. A trail loaded with stones will get you through the forest before the last two km to Badang which again is a bit of a climb.

    Day 4: Badang to Daldhar (11,280ft), Distance: 5 to 6 hours
    A bit strenuous and long would be the right words to describe this trail from Badang to Daldhar. It is 3 hours of trekking through the forest with a couple of stiff climbs. You reach the Vijay Top when the forest opens into a meadow. Further, you reach the Masundha Dhar from where the trail continues for another 4 to 5 hours.

    Day 5: Dhal Dhar to Dev Bhasa (11,900ft), Distance: 2 hours
     The trek to Dev Bhasa is a brisk trek of 2 hours. It is an initial climb of 500ft followed by a gentle descent that brings you to the campsite. The water resource is about 2km away from the campsite of Dev Bhasa. A further 3km climb from Dev Bhasa will make the journey to Bhardsar meadow less tedious.

    Day 6: Dev Bhasa to Bharadsar Meadow (13,120ft)
    The trek to Bharadsar from Dev Bhasa is one of the most tedious, exhausting and longest amongst all the other days. There are two routes to Bharadsar, the longer one which goes left round about the mountain and then comes right and the shorter one is a steep ascent crossing a pass and moving down straight to the Bharadsar campsite. It looks partly frozen and dark in color due to the shadow of the Rocky Mountains surrounding it. This place has only the melted snow as a source of water, make sure you carry enough water for both cooking and melting snow.

    Day 7: Trek from Bharadsar Meadow to Baraadsar Lake back to Dev Bhasa
    The lake is a couple of hours away from the Baradsar meadow. It is a trek over rocks and moraines and thus you need to step carefully. From the Bharadsar lake get back to the campsite, take the straight path to the ridge top, if there is snow then the climb to the ridge will get easier.

    Day 8: Dev Bhasa to Upper Rehala (8840ft)
    Passing through Dhal Dhar, it is a steep descent to Upper Rehala. From Dhal Dhar take the trail that goes to the left of the main trail that you came from. After 2 hours the trail enters into beautiful meadows. There are herds of sheep moving here constantly.

    Day 9: Upper Rehala to Sankri via Jhakhol
    It is an easy downhill walk that takes you to the village of Rehala, Karla and then Bitari. Go down all the way to the Supin River where the Obra River joins it. From here Jakhol village is just an uphill walk of a couple of hours. Drive till Sankri from Jakhol which is a 16km long drive.

    Day 10: Drive from Sankri to Dehradun
    Travel to Dehradun and from Dehradun travel back to your respective destination marking the end of this exhilarating Trek to Bharadsar Lake.

    Baraadsar Lake is also known as Bharadsar Lake, Baraadsar Tal, Bharadsar Lake Trek, Wish fulfiling Lake

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