Jakhol Village

About Jakhol Village

Located at a distance of 19 kms from Netwar, the entry gate to Govind National Park, Jakhol Village lies in the Mori block of Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand. 

A picturesque hamlet surrounded by the Garhwal Himalayas, Jakhol village will make your heart stop a beat. Get details of Jakhol Village, Location and how to reach.

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In Mori block of Uttarkashi19 Km from Netwar the entrance of Govind National Park

Jakhol Village in Sankri

The traditional wooden carved houses are surrounded by rugged terrain, lush greenery, apple trees, and cool breeze. The largest village in the region, Jakhol has a rich cultural heritage and age-old traditions. Agriculture and cattle rearing is the primary occupation of the people. Unlike other villages of the region, Jakhol village has better facilities evident by the presence of schools, ayurvedic centre, and a post office.

Jakhol village falls on the way towards Devkyara trek and starts from Sankri. It is a relatively easy trek suited well for beginners. Throughout your journey you’ll be accompanied by the magnificent mountains, spring pine trees, and gushing river Tons.

You can halt for a day here and marvel at the scenic beauty of the place. Chat up with the locals and know about the rich culture of Jakhol. You can hike along the village and learn new things as you go. The best part of Jakhol village though, is its glistening night sky. Camp outside, if you may, and feel the magic of the stars above you.

Activities or Things to do in Jakhol village of Uttarkashi

Cultural exchange & Village Walk : Jakhol has a rich cultural heritage with men and women still wearing their traditional clothes. Their traditions dates back to a very long time and it’s a real eye-opener to know about them.

Camping : Camping at the village will give you a once-in-a-lifestyle experience. Enjoy the cool breeze and marvel at the grandeur of the Himalayas and the shimmering stars.

Hiking : Explore Jakhol village by hiking through the village. You’ll get to see apple trees, beautiful wooden houses, and interesting plants. Engage in conversations with the locals and let them show you around.

Bird watching & jungle walk : Jakhol comprises of a wonderful variety of flora and fauna. Walk around the jungle and engage in a beautiful session of bird watching.

Trekking : Devkyar trek is unlike any other. Stay for a day or two at Jakhol and embark your journey towards Devkyara.

Photography : The diverse range of flora and fauna and the picturesque sight of Jakhol make it an irresistible for photography. Whether you are a pro or a beginner, you’ll always find inspirations for mesmerizing captures and learn as you go.

Jakhol travel tips :

  • Since Jakhol comes on your way to Devkyar trek, it’s a good option to halt here for a day or at least for some hours. Jakhol will serve you the much needed refreshment with its picturesque views and warm hospitality.
  • If you are travelling in monsoons, ensure that you check with local authorities or tour operators before starting your trip.

Staying in Jakhol :

Comfortable accommodation is available is Jakhol wherein you’ll be greeted with love and delicious local cuisine.

Location & How to Reach Jakhol Village

Jakhol is 19 Km from Netwar township of Uttakashi district, which is also the entrance of Govind National Park. A diversion about 3.5 km before Sankri village leads to Jakhol village. Direct morning buses from Dehradun to Sankri are available from Dehradun railway station or Mussoorie bus stand. 

You can hire taxi from Sankri to Jakhol for a village tour. Nearest city to this village is Purola. Nearest Railhead and Airport is Dehradun, the capital of Uttarakhand.

Road map: Dehradun - Purola - Mori - Netwar - a left diversion before 3.5 km from Sankri to Jakhol Village.

Read How to Reach guide for Sankri.

What is Jakhol Village famous for?

Jakhol Village is popular place for following activities/ interests - Village Tourism.

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