Bird Watching in Chopta

Chopta is one such fantastic birding place for every birder, apart from the splendid natural beauty. Situated in the Western Himalayan Mountain ranges in the state of Uttarakhand, Chopta is a part of Kedarnath Wildlife Sanctuary. Surrounded by dense forests, Chopta supports rich biodiversity.  The forests are home to rhododendron, Oak, deodar and Himalayan fir.

A birding hotspot, Chopta became famous because of its amazing bird diversity, which includes a long list of Western Himalayan bird. The region is paradise for bird watchers. Many birds such as Himalayan Monal, Himalayan Griffon, Scarlet Finch, Mountain Hawk Eagle, Golden Eye, Hill Partidge are found here. The area has identification of over 240 bird species and declared Important Bird Area (BNHS and Birdlife International). 

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If you want to see birds in abundance, or wish to be amazed by the music they create, visiting them in their natural habitat seems like the only option. And for that, Chopta is an ultimate place to enjoy birding. This can be best explored in a week-long visit. Covering; Chopta - Tungnath temple, Deoriatal, Mandal, Makku and agriculture fields etc.  

Trekking to Chopta means having a closer look of the lush grandeur and The Vivacious Himalayas, while enjoying the pleasant weather of The Himalayas. Chopta is not only an exotic location for trekking in the Himalayas but it is also a haven for Ornithologists. It has a diverse range of Flora and Fauna with towering Rhododendron and Deodar trees.

Bird watching in Chopta not only helps to understand nature in a better way but it also creates a new dimension of enthusiasm in the hearts of the trekker. At Chopta one can find a varied species of birds in their natural habitat.

Best Time for Bird Watching in Chopta

Chopta is the round the year destination for bird watching as during different seasons, it becomes home for different migratory birds. To see most of the species of birds March to November are the best months. Check out Chopta Weather and How to reach Chopta.

In Winters: Some very famous birds like The Himalayan Monal, Bearded Vultures and Laughter Thrust are spotted in this area. If you’re travelling to Chopta in Winters then you will surely feel lucky on spotting the Snow Patridge from close quarters.

Tips: In Chopta an early summer trip might help you to spot the mysterious Spot-Winged Starling and other gorgeous species.

Best place for bird watching around Chopta: 

Duggalbitta (Chopta): It is a paradise for bird lovers. This place is witnessed of more than 140 species of birds. Some of the birds that can be encountered here include: Fire-tailed Sunbird, Brown Dipper, Kingfisher, Several Species of Woodpeckers, Snow patridge, Mrs. Gould’s Sunbird, Rusett Sparrow, Tickell’s Leaf Warbler and many more.  You can stay at Mayadeep Resort  in Duggalbitta, located in scenic environs, Mayadeep Resort was a rejuvenating experience for the bird lover. The chirping of birds and cool salubrious breeze makes the morning perfect here, which make worth every moment. 

Tip: Stay in Mayadeep Cottages to feel more wilderness and close shot of birds while sitting outside cottage.

Devdarshini point on Tungnath trek: Surrounded by forests of pine, Deodar and rhododendron and is rich in flora and fauna, this place has rare species of birds. Some of the birds that can be seen here are; Himalayan Monal, Koklass Pheasant, Chestnut-crowned Laughing thrush, Himalayan Bluetail, Fire-tailed sunbird, Himalayan Griffon, Red-billed Blue Magpie etc…..

Makku Math: This region is clothed with the lush green forests where several species can be found including; Long-tailed Minivets, Eurasian and Black-headed Jay, Great Barbet, Russet Sparrow, Tickell’s Thrush, Golden Bush Robin etc… When travelling to Makkumath in the Chopta region, you will find the rare finches and maybe a nested Pine Thrush. Move down this elevation and stop to see the Yellow-Rumped Honeyguide. 

Mandal:  A small charming village situated in the laps of Himalayas. Away from the city life, the village is the perfect place for birding. This place has one of the richest bird diversities.  Common birds in the broad-lived forest at Mandal included the Red-billed, Yellow – billed, Blue Magpie, Long-tailed Minivet, Oriental Turtle Dove.  

Types of Birds found in Chopta / Chopta Birds

This landscape has one of the richest bird diversities and is declared Important Bird Area (BHNS and Birdlife International).  There is a long list of different types of bird which you can spot in Chopta, specially the signature bird Himalayan Monal which is relatively easy bird to see with several other birds.

Other variety of birds in Chopta are:  Koklass Pheasant, Various species of Tits like, Rufous-vented, Grey-crested, Fire-capped, Black-throated, Spot-winged, Green-backed etc and several species of Warblers like,  Grey-hooded; Black-faced; Ashy-throated; Buff-barred; Western-crowned etc. Other birds which you can spot are Mrs. Gould and Green-tailed Sunbird; Collard,  Black & Yellow and Spot-winged Grosbeak; White-throated, Striated, Streaked & Variegated Laughing thrush, Rufous-gorgeted, Blue-throated, Ultramarine & Verditer Flycatcher, Himalayan, Rufous-bellied & Grey-headed Woodpecker; Great Barbet; White-tailed and Chestnut-bellied Nuthatch; Bar-tailed Treecreeper; Mistle Thrush etc.  

Bird Watching Guides in Chopta Region

Mr. Yashpal Negi, Mr. Dinesh Negi and Mr. Bharat Pushpwan are some of the top bird watchers in the region. If you need contact details/phone numbers of Bird watching guides then kindly fill the enquiry form.

Some Tips for Bird Watching in Chopta: 

Birding requires a lot of discipline and patience. You have to remain quiet and may have to sit in one place for a long time. 

  • Do not wear clothes with bright colors. 
  • Wear Comfortable Shoes.
  • A pair of binoculars. 
  • Remember to carry a bird book. 
  • A field guide with illustrations is must
  • Carry a Cap and sun/rain protection gear. 
  • Turn off your phone or put it on silent mode. 
  • Serious bird watching can take long; it is advisable to carry drinking water and some food. 
  • Make sure you respect the birds and their habitat.  
  • Go with a bird watching group. 

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