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Chopta, a small hamlet located at Kedarnath Wildlife Sanctuary serves as the base for trekking to Tunganath and Chandrashila. Curled up beautifully at the lap of the Himalayas, Chopta is a picturesque location surrounded by pine, deodar, and rhododendron forests. Morning views from Chopta are mesmerizing and the scenic beauty is so captivating that you can’t resist taking a picture. While you can take pictures without much thought and just go ‘snap’, to do full justice to the captivating views of Chopta we recommend you follow these seemingly simple tips to get the best possible out of Chopta. A little preparation goes a long way.

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1. Try to capture the sunrise and sunsets

You may already know that the golden hours of the day, i.e. the hour just after sunrise and sunset are the most beautiful part of the day. If magic was an element, the golden hours add that to the pictures. And Chopta looks stunning when the sun slowly spreads itself across the mighty Himalayas. The sunsets are equally beautiful with a deep hue of golden yellow and orange dispersed across the sky. 

2. Shoot in natural light as much as possible

Light is one of the most precious things in photography and especially in places like Chopta. Chopta looks best in natural light and you’ll get some beautiful shots if you just follow those lights.

3. Capture photos in a wide-angle view :

Chopta with its rich meadows and significant mountain peaks at the backdrop provides a surreal sight that can best be captured with a wide-angle view. Shoot in wide-angle to get the best out of Chopta

4. Keep a clear foreground

When you are capturing a mountain peak or a structure, you may want to lead the viewers’ eyes towards the main structure. The best way to do that is to include a clear foreground or include elements associated with the main structure in the background. The key point here is that the foreground should complement the background and not distract from it.   

5. Research well about Chopta

Before you begin your trip, research about Chopta. Know about its weather conditions, sunrise and sunset timings, flora and fauna, and things to do. And then head on to experience your best moments in Chopta.   

6. Understand the place

When you reach Chopta, talk to the locals, eat local cuisine, learn about their culture, and observe their daily life. Then you’ll be able to create an ambiance and an atmosphere for your photos that will be reflective of the unique lifestyle of Chopta.

7. Capture in a different angle

Try to capture the beauty of Chopta through different perspectives and angles. Include your friends in the picture, shoot the flora and fauna, and tell a story. Let the world see the emotions behind when they see your photos.

8. Don’t photograph the locals without their permission

Be polite and respect others. Don’t be a jerk.

9. Prepare your gear before the travel

This is where research about the place comes in handy. Preparing in advance helps you from under carrying or over carrying your gears. With the right gear, you can capture the perfect pictures.

Get a good rainproof bag for your gears and don’t forget to stock in batteries and memory cards.

Note: Carry your tripod

Here’s a handy checklist for you:

  • Research about Chopta and learn about the people and their culture
  • Don’t miss the sunrise and sunset and utilize natural light
  • Try to shoot at different angles and keep a clear foreground
  • Gears you should be carrying- A good bag for your gears- Avoid dust, keep the lens hood on, carry rain shield, batteries, memory cards

To know more about Chopta travel tips, activities, stay, food guide, etc. you can check out our detailed page on Chopta.

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