Everest cafe and Nature Reserve

About Everest cafe and Nature Reserve

Everest Cafe is located on the trail of George Everest Peak in Mussoorie. It is just 400 mts from George Everest House and 500 mts before the Peak.

Everest Cafe offers delicious snacks and meas to its guest with breathtaking view of Valley and Mountains. Enjoy the majestic sunset views followed by winterline at the horizon. Everest cafe also provides camping at the their campground, where you can pitch your own tents at nominal cost or get the complete camping with hiking package.

Check: George Everest Peak Camping @ 1500 per person

Near George Everest House400 mts from Georage Everest House on Trail towards Peak
Free Entry

Everest cafe and Nature Reserve in George Everest House

It is a cozy cafe, overlooking the George everest house, near the peak which has a transparent roof, yellow structure and furniture which makes it a perfect spot for soaking the sun while sitting eating and relaxing. A beautiful nature reserve where the trails are mesmerizing that you wish to stay there, you can pitch your own tent and have awesome desi and videshi breakfast, snacks, lunch and dinner from the cafe.

It is a perfect hideout with your children and family. Ideal for day picnics if you are staying in Mussoorie or Dehradun and little hiking in the summers and even in the winters when you can see some beautiful snow capped spots.

Everest Cafe near Mussoorie

Things you can do at Everest Cafe

History and Story Behind Everest Cafe and Nature Reserve

Long ago in 1960s, a rich not so old man walked from his house in Dehradun on a dried river to Mussorie for a whole day to find a suitable mining spot, he finalised one patch which was then bought soon for limestone and gypsum mining, that 200 bighas of land was big dream project.

Later much before he could start anything there the mining was banned by the government in the late 1970s, a big dream was shattered, but the man was so sure about God's plan that even after the government acquired more than half of his land for apple orchards (which aren't still there) he had some 85 bighas of land land left. He never wished to sell it, believing that his grandchildren will use it for some purpose.

Now, many many years later in 2022 one of his grandchildren opened Everest Cafe and is on the mission to promote this destination like never before.

Some Pictures of Everest Cafe

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Location of Everest cafe and Nature Reserve

Everest cafe and Nature Reserve is located in Near George Everest House ( 400 mts from Georage Everest House on Trail towards Peak).

Location & How to Reach Everest cafe and Nature Reserve

Hathipaon is easily accessible from both Mussorie and Deradun. From hathipoan there is a jungle road of around 1.5 kms to George Everest House. You can park your vehicle there then hike towards Everest Peak for 400 mts to reach Everest Cafe.

Read How to Reach guide for George Everest House.

What is Everest cafe and Nature Reserve famous for?

Everest cafe and Nature Reserve is popular place for following activities/ interests - Camping, Hiking, Kids & family spots , Picnic Spots, Restaurants & Cafes, View Points.

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