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Landour Clock Tower Mussoorie

About Landour Clock Tower Mussoorie

The Landour Clock Tower in Mussoorie has always been a reminiscent of the times bygone in the scenic town of Landour in Mussoorie. The Landour Clock Tower in Mussoorie was always used as a display name on the Road signs of Mussoorie, the locals use it as a landmark and it still continues to be  point of reference for the people of the hills.

In Landour Mussoorie5 km from Library bus stand of Mussoorie
Free Entry
1 hr

Landour Clock Tower Mussoorie in Mussoorie

History of Landour Clock Tower, Mussoorie

The Landour Clock Tower was established in the late 1930’s by Ugra Sain Verma. It was built during the British Raj in India. The place where the Landour Clock Tower is located, a police station used to guard the civil area and the cantonment in 1892. 

The police station was later shifted and a stone masonry took its place. The First Clock Tower of the Hill station was built by the St. George’s College in Mussoorie. JB Joyce & Co, the renowned makers of high-class Church and Turret Clocks, installed in the Clock Tower. The Westminister Chimes echoed in the adjacent forest and kept the wild animals at bay from the school.

In 2010 the Demolishing of Landour Clock Tower raised a number of protests against the Government authorities. When the Clock Tower of Landour Bazaar was demolished with a number of other things one being the charitable homeopathy dispensary was also demolished. A number of locals including the very famous actor Tom Alter also raised a protest against the demolishing of Landour Clock Tower. The building of the Landour Clock Tower was more of a ramshackle tower and had to be demolished and rebuilt again. The Landour Clock Tower became really popular with the administrators of Mussoorie in those times and they got the idea that another public clock for the town would be immensely valuable as the people of the town didn’t had any wrist watches in that era.

The Landour Clock Tower has now been reconstructed and the new building is really attractive and eye-catching. It has two storeys. Rumor has it that this newly built Landour Clock has these two floors dedicated to two very famous and prominent personalities. One is being dedicated to the beloved author Ruskin Bond and another to be dedicated to the late actor Tom Alter who was a resident of Landour and has protested against the demolition of the Clock Tower in 2010. The newly built Landour Clock Tower is an addition to the picturesque charm of the Hill Station.

Location of Landour Clock Tower Mussoorie

Landour Clock Tower Mussoorie is located in In Landour Mussoorie ( 5 km from Library bus stand of Mussoorie).

Location & How to Reach Landour Clock Tower Mussoorie

It is very easy to reach at Landour Clock Tower as it is situated in the midst of city. After reaching at Mussoorie in Uttarakhand. Travel ahead from the Library Chawk in Mussoorie on to the Cart Road, travel a distance of 5 km till the Landour Clock Tower. You can take a brisk walk or travel through a Rickshaw or by a taxi till the Landour Clock Tower. Nearest Railway station & airport is situated in Dehradun at a distance of one hour.

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