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About Landour Mussoorie

Landour is a small cantonment town which lies in a close proximity to Mussoorie. It is at a distance of about 33km from Dehradun and is a perfect weekend getaway for the residents of Dehradun and Mussoorie. The scenic town of Landour is loaded with tranquility and serenity of the Garhwal Himalayas. On a clear day Landour offers the sight of upto 200km with making the Swargarohini, Banderpooch, Yamunotri, Gangotri, Kedarnath and many other Himalayan peaks visible to the naked eye. Landour is a town that has the reminiscent of the British Era and even today it strongly displays the magnificent architecture and culture of those times. Landour is a small town that one can explore while having a brisk walk around its serene grandeur.

In MussoorieLandour is a cantonment area which is situated in Mussoorie. It is about 7.5km from Library Bus stand

Landour Mussoorie in Mussoorie

Landour is about 984 ft above Mussoorie and it lies on the east-west ridge connecting its western end to Mussoorie. Being built by the British Indian Army Landour has more of a European touch to it rather than that of Mussoorie. Landour is a perfect weekend getaway for the ones who want to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city life and spend some quality time in the midst of the towering Deodar. Himalayan Oak, chirr pine, blue pine, West Himalayan fir, rhododendron and other Himalayan Trees. Landour is very famous for its colonial style architecture and high altitude points that give the travelers a delightful view of the Himalayas of Uttarakhand. There are a number of places in and around Landour where you can stay and enjoy the various activities that will make your stay in the hills a pleasant and rejuvenating one.

Wildlife in Landour, Mussoorie

When you travel to Landour you will be completely captivated with the extremely gorgeous wildlife that the place has to offer. You will not only find the town enriched with a beautiful ecosystem but also with a diversified wildlife. Landour has an approximate of over 350 species that are both endemic and migratory species from Tibet, Central Asia and Siberia. You will find a number of pheasants and raptors dominantly. Animals like leopards, jackals, barking deer, goral and sloth bear are also spotted here. You will also find a Small Mammals in Landour such as yellow-throated martens, civets, Himalayan weasels etc.

Places to Visit In & Around Landour

Landour Bazaar

Lal Tibba: Lal-Tibba is the highest point the Mussoorie-Landour area. It is located at an elevation of 7,770ft and is a must visit when travelling to Landour. The Lal Tibba Hill also has the Doordarshan and All India Radio repeater station. People come to visit the Lal Tibba Hill and get to have the glimpse of the majestic landscape of the Garhwal Himalayas.

Char Dukan: Char Dukan is a frequently travelled place in Landour. The word literally means four shops which were established long ago. This place offers some extremely soothing breakfast and tea menu. These four shops serve delicious pancakes and Maggie.

Rokeeby Manor: Rokeby Manor is a colonial style luxury hotel located in the scenic surroundings of Landour. It was established somewhere in the 1800’s. The property is now a major tourist attraction because of its exquisite architecture and warm hospitality and has be able to attract many celebrities like Ruskin Bond, Sachin Tendulkar, Arshad Warsi etc.

Landour Bakehouse: The Landour Bakehouse is a treat in the town of Landour. Here you will get to gorge on to the British style bakery and delicacies. The blueberry cheesecake is a buzz amongst all the visitors of Landour Bake house.

Nag Tibba: The Nag Tibba peak is located at a distance of 81km from Landour. It is a majestic trek in the hidden trail of Mussoorie. The Nag Tibba pea offers the picturesque view of many Himalayan ranges like Swargarohini, Bandarpooch, Kala Nag, Srikanta and Gangotri.

St Paul’s Church: The St. Paul’s Church is located near the Char Dukan in Landour. It is an Anglican Church that was established in 1839 and consecrated in 1840. It has a very unique Indo-gothic architecture with stained windows and is a reminiscent of the times bygone and a must visit.

Kellog’s Memorial Church: The Kellogg’s Memorial Church is located at Kasmanda palace in Landour, Mussoorie. The Kellogg’s Memorial Church has Presbyterian style of architecture an was one of the Indo-Gothic styled church in Landour. It was also home to the Landour Language School and is a famous tourist attraction in Landour.

Schools and Colleges: There are a number of prestigious schools in Landour that were established during the British Era and are still running strong. Some of them being the Woodstock School, Wynberg Allen School, St.George School, Landour Language School, Mussoorie Public school etc.

Location of Landour Mussoorie

Landour Mussoorie is located in In Mussoorie ( Landour is a cantonment area which is situated in Mussoorie. It is about 7.5km from Library Bus stand).

Location & How to Reach Landour Mussoorie

Landour is about 7.5km from main Library Bus stand of Mussoorie. You can hire a taxi or rick-saw to reach Landour.

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