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Gulabikantha Trek, Photo: Google Maps

Gulabikantha Trek FAQs

Gulabikantha Trek is famous as Adventure, Emerging Destinations, Trekking, Camping, Secluded, Meadows, OffBeat, . Nearest Airport from Gulabikantha Trek is and Nearest Railway Station is .

There are lot of questions while planning a journey. To ensure that your preparations run smoothly, we have the answers to the questions most frequently asked about travelling to and in Gulabikantha Trek. Gulabikantha Trek useful information for travellers with reliable local advice. Latest Gulabikantha Trek Frequently Asked Questions and Answers for your upcoming visit to Gulabikantha Trek. Get all the solutions to your query with eUttaranchal Travel Help Desk.


Where is the Gulabi Kantha trek?

Gulabikantha is a lush green bugyal (meadow) in Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand state which lies on the other side of the famous freshwater lake trek popularly known as Dodital. GulabiKantha provides a 360-degree view of The Himalayan mountain range such as Bandarpoonch peak, Kalindi sirkala, Shivalik mountains, and Chaukhamba peaks.

What are the nearest airport and railway stations for Gulabi Kantha?

Jolly Grant Airport is the nearest airport and Dehradun railway station is the nearest railway station for Gulabikantha in Uttarakhand.

Are Gulabi Kantha and Kedar Kantha on the same treks?

No, both are different treks. Gulabikantha is a meadow at the hilltop whereas Kedarkantha is a summit of 4000 mts. You can get the details here for the Kedarkantha trek. Though some similarities are there as they both are in the Garhwal region and the same district of Uttarkashi. Both are snow-covered during winters.

When was this trek discovered?

Ans:- This trek was generally used by local shepherds from the past many years and not much activity was thereby outsiders. It was a group of ITBP people who came to know about this trek and explored it around 2016. It is still a very virgin trail and not much explored.

What is the best time to go for the Gulabikantha trek?

Ans:- April, May, June, September, and October are the best months. You can also enjoy the snow trekking during winter months, but trek becomes difficult.

What is the difficulty level of the Gulabi Kantha trek?

The difficulty level of the Gulabikantha trek is from easy to medium.

What is the approx temperature during the trek?

Ans:- The temperature varies as per weather and month of the year. During summers maximum temperature goes to 20 degrees Celsius and Minimum temperature can be around 5 degrees Celsius. During winters the minimum temperature is mostly in minus.

Is Diamox advisable?

Ans:- We don’t recommend using Diamox without prior consultation from your doctor. It is always better to get acclimatized without the help of medicines.

Which type of shoes should I buy?

Good trekking shoes are the most important part of the trek, so you have to be very careful before buying it. You can go through our Article “Important equipments for trekking” to get an idea of important things to carry for trekking.

How to get safe drinking water on the trek?

Ans:- Himalayan water is consider as a clean and mineral water but for safe side use boil water / chlorine tablet, during the trek ask once to trek leader or guide from where to fill water bottles.

Do you think I should bring some medicines with me?

Ans:- Yes, it is always advisable that in any trek carry your own medication weather organizers carrying it or not.

Can you customize a trip?

Ans:- Yes, if you would like to travel independently, you are invited to choose any of the trips at your convenient time frame for any number of people. Cost for private trip is fixed on the basis of group size, trek area, duration and trek style.  

Is Gulabi Kantha trek safe?

Yes, the Gulabi Kantha Trek is safe. The level of difficulty for the Gulabi Kantha Trek is moderate, so the route is not very dangerous.  Having an experienced trekking guide with you on your trek is a wise decision as he/she would know the route well and will help you keep on track.  Staying attentive while trekking ensures safety.

However, always provides its trekkers with professional guidance and supervision. Your safety is our utmost priority.

Can I offload my backpack on a mule/porter? What are the charges for the same?

We provide Bag Offloading as an add-on service where your rucksack/backpack will be transferred on a mule or by porter. That way you can travel light with just your day pack with essentials like rain jacket, water bottle, camera, packed lunch, etc.

  • Bag Offloading on Mule costs Rs. 300 per bag per day
  • Bag Offfloading on Porter costs Rs. 400-500 per bag per day (depending upon the severity of the trail)

What is the altitude of Gulabikantha Trek?

Gulabikantha trek is situated at an altitude of 3,656 mts above the sea level.

What is the base and trekking distance of Gulabi Kantha Trek?

Hanumanchatti is the base of Gulabi Kantha Trek. And the entire trekking distance is roughly around 30 kms.

Any experience required for this trek?

Yes, the experience of at least 02 week long treks ranging from 3500-4500mts would come in handy to do a trek like Gidara Bugyal Trek.

How do we prepare for such a Trek?

Here is a guide to prepare you for the trek.

Beginners guide for high altitude trekking

How safe are group departures for solo women?

Ans:- Treks are safe for woman traveling solo. We either provide them room / tent on sharing basis with other woman trekkers. We will provide you a tent on Single Occupancy at no extra cost if you are the only woman in the group.

Do you use Dome or Alpine tents? How are the tents divided? What brands do you use?

Ans:- We provide Dome Tents on Double or Triple Occupancy. Single Occupancy tent can be provided on request. We use tents like Marmot Catalyst, Quechua Quickhiker, The North Face, Foxhunter, etc.

I believe a walking stick is good to have, to spare our knees and gain balance. Should we go with Bamboo Stick or Trekking Pole?

Ans:- You can either buy a bamboo stick or get a hiking pole on rent. You can also buy one online or from any outdoor gear store.

What is the important equipment to carry for Gulabikantha Trek?

You can check all the important things to carry for trekking. Check out the list:- Important equipments for tekking

Why is Gulabikantha famous?

Gulabikantha is famous for beautiful Himalayan views, meadows, scenic sunset and sunrise views, trekking and camping.

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