Dehradun Railway Station

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About Dehradun Railway Station

Dehradun Railway Station (Station Code: DDN) or Dehradun Junction is one of the biggest and busiest railheads of Uttarakhand after Haridwar. It operates under the Moradabad division of the Northern Railway zone of the Indian Railways.

DehradunIt is in the middle of main Dehradun city. It comes on way from Clock tower to ISBT or Saharanpur chawk.
5.7 kms / 19 mins
From IBST Dehradun

Dehradun Railway Station in Dehradun

About Dehradun Railway Station

Dehradun Railway Station is last railway station on the northern line of the Northern Railway network. Being capital city of Uttarakhand state, a popular hill station and close to Mussoorie lakhs of tourists visit Dehradun every year. Railway plays a vital role for tourists to visit Dehradun from all over the country.

Train Schedule of Dehradun Railway Station

Several number of trains are scheduled from here every day for connecting almost major cities of India. Dehradun Railway Station has 4 platforms which operates more that 35 trains some of them daily basis and some are on weekdays basis. This is a list of the trains that start and terminates in Dehradun Junction:

Train Name / No.Start PointEnd PointArrivesDepartsStop TimeOperational DaysMajor Cities
Upasana Express (12327)Howrah Jn (HWH)Dehradun (DDN)18:10EndsLast StopTue, FriVaranasi, Lucknow, Moradabad
Bsb Ddn Express (14265)Varanasi Jn (BSB)Dehradun (DDN)06:30EndsLast StopDailyLucknow, Bareilly
Ddn Mdu Superfast Express (12688)Dehradun (DDN)Madurai Jn (MDU)Starts06:45First StopMon, FriSaharanpur, Meerut, Delhi, Bhopal, Vijaywada
Dehradun Express (19020)Dehradun (DDN)Bandra Terminus (BDTS)Starts10:30First StopDailySaharanpur, Meerut, Delhi, Kota, Vadodara
Link Express (14114)Dehradun (DDN)Allahabad (ALD)Starts14:53First StopDailyMoradabad, Aligarh, Kanpur
Ndls Janshatabd (12056)Dehradun (DDN)New Delhi (NDLS)Starts05:10First StopDailyRoorkee, Muzaffarnagar, Meerut
Ddn Indb Express (14318)Dehradun (DDN)Indore Jn Bg (INDB)Starts05:50First StopFri, SatMeerut, Delhi, Gwalior, Ujjain
Ddn Kcvl Superfast Express (12288)Dehradun (DDN)KochuveliI(KCVL)Starts05:50First StopMonMeerut, Delhi, Kota, Surat, Madgaon, Kozhikode
Ddn Asr Express (14631)Dehradun (DDN)Amritsar (ASR)Starts19:00First StopDailySharanpur, Ambala, Ludhiana, Jalandhar
Doon Express (13010)Dehradun (DDN)Howrah Jn (HWH)Starts20:30First StopDailyMoradabad, Lucknow, Varanasi, Gaya, Dhanbad
Ind Ddn Express (14317)Indore Jn Bg (INDB)Dehradun (DDN)19:40EndsLast StopSat, SunUjjain, Gwalior, Delhi, Saharanpur
Dehradun Shatabdi (12017)New Delhi (NDLS)Dehradun (DDN)12:40EndsLast StopDailyMeerut, Saharanpur
Nanda Devi Express (12206)Dehradun (DDN)New Delhi (NDLS)Starts23:30First StopDailyRoorkee, Meerut
Nanda Devi Express (12205)New Delhi (NDLS)Dehradun (DDN)05:40EndsLast StopDailyMeerut, Roorkee
Sangam Express (14163)Allahabad Jn (ALD)Dehradun (DDN)13:10EndsLast StopDailyKanpur, Aligarh, Meerut, Moradabad
Kgm Ddn Express (14119)Kathgodam (KGM)Dehradun (DDN)04:20EndsLast StopDailyHaldwani, Rudrapur, Moradabad
Ddn Mfp Express (15002)Dehradun (DDN)Muzzafarpur Jn (MFP)Starts15:30First StopSatMoradabad, Lucknow, Gorakhpur
Mussoorie Express (14041)Delhi S Rohilla (DEE)Dehradun (DDN)08:20EndsLast StopDailyGajraula, Bijnor, Najibabad
Ddn Kgm Express (14120)Dehradun (DDN)Kathgodam (KHG)Starts23:00First StopDailyMoradabad, Rudrapur, Haldwani
Ddn Bsb Express (14266)Haridwar (HW)Varanasi (BSB)Starts18:15First StopDailyMorabadab, Lucknow
Mfp Ddn Express (15001)Muzzaffarpur Jn (MFP)Dehradun (DDN)14:00EndsLast StopMonGorakhpur, Lucknow, Moradabad
Ujjaiyani Express (14310)Dehradun (DDN)Ujjain Jn (UJN)Starts05:50First StopTue, WedMeerut, Delhi, Jhansi, Guna
Ddn Janshtbdi (12055)New Delhi (NDLS)Dehradun (DDN)21:10EndsLast StopDailyMeerut, Muzzaffarnagar, Roorkee
Ddn Gkp Express (15006)Dehradun (DDN)Gorakhpur (GKP)Starts15:30First StopTue, ThurMoradabad, Bareilly, Gonda
Dehradun Express (19019)Bandra Terminus (BDTS)Dehradun (DDN)17:35EndsLast StopDailyValsad, Surat, Vadodra, Ratlam, Delhi, Meerut
Dehradun Shatabdi (12018)Dehradun (DDN)New Delhi (NDLS)Starts17:00First StopDailySaharanpur, Muzzffarnagar, Meerut
Gkp Ddn Express (15005)Gorakhpur (GKP)Dehradun (DDN)14:00EndsLast StopWed, FriBasti, Gonda, Lucknow, Bareilly, Moradabad
Uttaranchal Express (19565)Okha (OKHA)Dehradun (DDN)19:40EndsLast StopFriDwarka, Rajkot, Jaipur, Delhi, Meerut, Roorkee
Asr Ddn Express (14632)Amritsar Jn (ASR)Dehradun (DDN)10:15EndsLast StopDailyJalandhar, Ludhiana, Ambala, Saharanpur
Ujjaini Express (14309)Ujjain Jn (UJN)Dehradun (DDN)19:40EndsLast StopWed, ThurGuna, Bina, Jhansi, Agra, Delhi, Meerut, Roorkee
Dehradun Express (12687)Madurai Jn (MDU)Dehradun (DDN)5:00EndsLast StopWed, SunErode, Vijayawada, Bhopal, Delhi, Meerut, Roorkee
Dehradun Express (22659)Kuchuveli (KCVL)Dehradun (DDN)22:00EndsLast StopFriErnakulam, Manglore, Delhi, Meerut, Roorkee
Upasana Express (12328)Dehradun (DDN)Howrah Jn (HWH)Starts22:10First StopWed, SatBareilly, Lucknow, Varanasi, Patna
Uttaranchal Express (19566)Dehradun (DDN)Okha (OKHA)Starts5:50First StopSunMeerut, New Delhi, Jaipur, Rajkot, Jamnagar
Doon Express (13009)Howrah Jn (HWH)Dehradun (DDN)07:25EndsLast StopDailyDhanbad, Gaya, Mugal Sarai, Lucknow, Najibabad
Mussoorie Express (14042)Dehradun (DDN)Delhi S Rohilla (DEE)Starts21:20First StopDailyNajibabad, Gajraula, Hapur

Facilities at Dehradun Junction

Dehradun is a major railway station to connect Uttarakhand to other parts of the country. Passengers can find facilities like:

  • Waiting Room:Waiting Rooms are available at Dehradun Railway Station for use by genuine passengers. These can be used free of cost on production of your journey tickets for a few hours till the connecting train arrives.
  • Places to shop and eat: There are lots of small stores in platform for snacks and some light refreshments.
  • Accommodation: There is the Rail Yatri Niwas, where passengers can book independent rooms or dormitories, on production of tickets. This accommodation is available at a reasonable cost. You can also find lots of hotels just outside the station at a fair price.
  • Cloak Room: Cloakrooms and Safety Lockers are available at Dehradun station where your luggage can be kept in safe custody.
  • Reservation: Passenger can book tickets at Dehradun Railway Station through computer reservation facility.
  • Help Desk: Passenger can get help from tourist help desk on railway station like train timings, directions, and tourism queries.

Dehradun Railway Station Location

The railway station is located at the heart of city near prince chowk, within walking distance of most hotels. Local transportation like auto, intercity buses and vikrams are easily available outside the station for all parts of Dehradun city. For tourists who want to travel to other parts of Uttarakhand like Haridwar, Rishikesh, Roorkee, Mussoorie, Badrinath, Kedarnath, Gangotri and Yamunotri, cabs and taxis are easily available from outside the railway station. In front of the railway station is the Mussoorie Bus Statnd of Dehradun which offers regular services to Mussoorie. UKSRTC Roadways Bus Station (ISBT) is few kms far from Dehradun Railway Station Delhi and to all major destinations in North India including Mussoorie, Meerut, Saharanpur, Shimla, Dehradun, Badrinath, Nainital, Ranikhet, and Uttarkashi. The nearest airport is Jolly Grant Airport located about (28 km) in Dehradun.

Major Tourist Destinations near Dehradun Railway Station

As capital city of Uttarakhand and close to Mussoorie and a education education hub, Dehradun Railway Station becomes very important mean to connect with Dehradun City as well as Garhwal region. Therefore, tourists who plan to visit Dehradun and nearby places they have to deboard at the Dehradun junction. Find the tourist destinations which are connected with Dehradun with distance as follows:

Distance of Dehradun Railway Station from different tourist destinations:

Distance in KM

Some Other Places to See Near Dehradun Railway Station

LachhiwalaMalsi Deer ParkRobber's CaveSahastradharaTiger FallsFun ValleyTapkeshwar TempleSantala Devi TempleRam Rai DarbarSai Darbar TempleLaxman Sidh TempleDaat Kali TempleChakrataBudher CavesTiger FallsCompany GardenClouds EndClock Tower.

Location of Dehradun Railway Station

Dehradun Railway Station is located in Dehradun ( It is in the middle of main Dehradun city. It comes on way from Clock tower to ISBT or Saharanpur chawk.).

What is Dehradun Railway Station famous for?

Dehradun Railway Station is popular place for following activities/ interests - Railway Station.

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