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About Hanumanchatti

Hanuman Chatti is located at the confluence of the Hanuman Ganga and Yamuna rivers. Situated 13 kms before Yamunotri Dham, Hanuman Chatti (2,400mts) is a serene place offering ample amount of accommodation facilities. The river side scenic beauty at Hanuman Chatti acts as a perfect place to experience nature and countryside.

HanumanChatti is frequented by travelers because it is a popular trekking spot in the region. Apart from Yamunotri the best trekking excursion of HanumanChatti is towards Darwa Top and Dodi Tal.

Hanumanchatti used to be the starting point of the trek to reach Yamunotri but now jeepable roads are made up to Janki Chatti, thus shortening the distance by 7 kms. 

Hanuman Chatti to Janki Chatti is a newly made road which will shorten your journey but trekking is more of a good and memorable experience. Large number of travelers and devotees visit Hanuman Chatti from May to October. You can purchase medicines, raincoats and other necessary items at HanumanChatti.

Hanumanchatti is also the base point of the newly explored trek of Gulabikantha as well.

HanumanChatti Travel Information

Distance from Delhi: 428kms
Best season: May to October
Road Route from Delhi: Delhi -  Meerut - Roorkee - Dehradun - Mussoorie - Naugaon - Barkot - HanumanChatti

Hanumanchatti Tour Packages

Dodital to Hanuman Chatti Trek Package
6 Days/ 5 Nights
Rs. 9,900.00

Hanumanchatti Travel Tips

  • During the peak season of pilgrimage, when finding an accommodation is quite difficult at Yamunotri, pilgrims tend to stay at Hanuman Chatti where there are plenty of accommodations available. 

There are lots of accommodation options available at the small town of HanumanChatti. Due to less accommodation options in Yamunotri, travelers prefer to stay at HanumanChatti. GMVN Rest House is also located at Hanuman Chatti.

According to a Hindu legend, when Draupadi and Pandavas were wandering in the Himalayas during their period of exile, a beautiful lotus flower slipped into the hands of Draupadi. Bewitched by its beauty Draupadi asked Bhima to bring her more lotuses. Bhima who always wanted to see his wife happy went in search of the flower. He went hither and thither but couldn’t find the flower that had caught Draupadi’s attention. He then decided to take the trail where an old monkey was lying with his tail obstructing the path. When Bhima came near him, he asked him to move his tail, but the monkey said, he was too old and tired to give him the way, so he can lift his tail and place it on the other side if he wants to move forward. 

Bhima made several attempts, but they all went in vain as he couldn’t lift his tail. On failing miserably, Bhima was left in awe of the strength of the monkey's tail and realized that it was not an ordinary monkey. Out of disgust, Bhima then requested the monkey to reveal his true self. After noticing that Bhima’s arrogance had succumbed, the monkey said, “I am Hanuman, son of the Wind, your elder brother”. Bhima then realized his mistake and sought forgiveness from Hanuman. Lord Hanuman accepted his apology, ushered blessings on his brother and told him the way to Kubera’s garden, where he could find the flower. Hence, the place was named Hanumanchatti in the honour the Lord Hanuman.

How to reach Hanuman Chatti?

Hanuman Chatti is situated at a distance of 428 kms from Delhi. Buses are easily available upto Barkot from Dehradun. From Barkot you can go by jeep up to Hanuman Chatti. 

Nearby Tourist Places

Yamunotri   Temple is the most popular place in the region as it is one of the Char Dhams of Uttarakhand state. If you are an avid trekker then you can go to Darwa Top and Dodi Tal from HanumanChatti.

Important Information:
There are two Hanuman Chattis in Uttarakhand, this one Hanuman Chatti is on the route of Yamunotri and the other Hanuman Chatti is in Badrinath Highway between Govindghat and Badrinath.

What is Hanumanchatti famous for?

Hanumanchatti is famous among tourist as Hanuman Temple, Stay during Char Dham Yatra.

Hanumanchatti is popular destination for following activities/ interests - Char Dham Route, Others.

Uttarakhand Tourism Development Board eUttaranchal is accredited by Uttarakhand Tourism Development Board, Govt. of Uttarakhand.
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