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About Jeolikot

Jeolikot or Jiolikot is an untouched jewel in the Nainital district which is also known as the gateway to Naini Lake. Situated on NH87, Jeolikot is well connected by a motorable road and is located 17kms before Nainital. This is an ideal place for those who are interested in floriculture and butterfly catching. The climate at Jeolikot is pleasant all around the year

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Why Visit Jeolikot?

Enjoy the serene environs of Jeolikot and indulge yourself in adventure activities like nature walks, bird-watching, etc. Jeolikot is situated at an admirable location and it is best suited for delightful family holidays and couples. Popular places of Nainital District like Naini Lake, Mukteshwar, Corbett National Park, Ramgarh can be easily covered from Jeolikot. The village of Jeolikot is calm, secluded and a quaint haven for nature enthusiasts. Another important attraction of the hill station is the bee-keeping center. It is a place where honeybees are bred and honey is extracted.

Renowned philosophers like Swami Vivekananda and Sri Aurobindo used to meditate in the calm and salubrious environment of Jeolikot. An occupation like floriculture and horticulture thrive very well at Jeolikot with its fruit-bearing trees and orchards full of pears, plums, peaches, seasonal flowers and the ever fluttering species of butterflies.

Activities in Jeolikot

Bird-watchingWith over 200 aviary species, Jeolikot is nothing but a paradise for the bird enthusiasts. There are innumerable varieties of birds, both resident and migratory, that are a delight to watch, observe and capture with a camera.

Butterfly-watching: Apart from bird watching, another activity that attracts tourists from all over is the multitude of beautiful butterfly species that inhabit the region around Jeolikot.

Horticulture: The government encourages horticulture and every year tourists come to witness the beautiful flowers maintained by Horticulture Apartment bloom in the spring season.

Jeolikot Travel Tips

  • Best part about Jeolikot is that it is an all-weather destination and can be visited all year round.
  • Jeolikot is a perfect weekend destination from Delhi (277 km)

Jeolikot offers calmness and tranquility just because there are few luxurious cottages and resorts along with budget guesthouses at Jeolikot. During peak season, finding accommodation could be difficult. One option is to book a place to stay at Nainital and visit Jeolikot on a day’s trip. Nainital has an accommodation option in abundance.

The cottage and resorts at Jeolikot have in-house restaurants which serve a range of lip-smacking cuisines to their guests. There are no restaurants or fast food outlets at Jeolikot and tourists have to make do with what is offered at the cottages. Again, Nainital is a star-studded option for anyone who wants to savor the flavor of international cuisines.

The dwarf village of Jeolikot sings unheard tales of its colonial past as one can see various Victorian-style cottages and cemeteries dotted around the periphery of the town. The two famous cottages of Jeolikot include the House of Warwick Sahib, a retired major of the British army, who used to live in Jeolikot and the other one belonged to a lady, who was the descendant of Napoleon Bonaparte. It is said that she fell in love with Jeolikot during her visit and continued to stay here.

Jeolikot Photo Gallery

Sitting area inside Jeolicot Cottage
Jiolikot or Jeolikot village sign board.
Jeolikot in Nainital is one of the best offbeat destination of Uttarakhand.
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