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Kanari Khal Trek

About Kanari Khal Trek

Starting from the holy town of Joshimath, Kanari Khal Trek takes you through captivating rivers, mesmerizing waterfalls, lush green meadows, dense forests, beautiful mountain villages, and snow-capped mountain peaks. 

When you reach the summit, you’ll be standing at the ridge set at an elevation of 4515 mts. One of the best things about Kanari Khal Trek is that it suits anyone who are looking for adventure, enthralling beauty, and serenity in their treks. 

Get Kanari Khal Trek Guide, Trekking Routes, Kanarikhal Travel Tips

The pace is easy and the beautiful villages and landscapes that you come across throughout the trek refresh you every once in a while. Kanari Khal is situated about 11 kms from Bagini Glacier and is less challenging than Bagini Glacier trek. 

Best Time to Visit Kanari Khal Trek

The best time to visit Kanari Khal is during the summer months of May and June and post-monsoon months of September and October.

Summer: The summer months are pleasant with a cool climate and clear blue skies. Summers are the most ideal time to visit Kanari Khal.

Post-monsoon: The post-monsoon months are full of freshness with the landscape blooming in its brightest shade and serenity all around. Post monsoons in Kanari Khal will let you enjoy the beauty of monsoon without the risks associated with the monsoon season.

Kanari Khal Trek – Suggested Day to Day Itinerary

Kanari Khal trek route: Joshimath – Jumma – Ruing Village – Dronagiri Village – Longatulli – KanariKhal – Garpak – Jumma

Day 01: Delhi – Joshimath (Highest altitude: 1875 mts)
As the journey from Delhi to Joshimath is a long one, you need to start early. You can also halt at Rishikesh, if it feels convenient to you. After arriving Joshimath, explore the ancient town and enjoy the picturesque landscape of the place. stay at one of the hotels in Joshimath.

Day 02: Joshimath–Jumma – Ruing Village (Highest altitude: 2800 mts, Drive: 45 kms, Trek: 3 kms)
After a heartfelt breakfast, you will start your drive to Jumma Village. The drive to Jumma Village goes through the scenic villages of Tapovan, Reni, Lata, Suraithola, and Phagti. It will take around 1 hr to reach Jumma Village and the entire drive is highly scenic.

You will embark on your trekking journey from Jumma Village. After cross a bridge set above Dhauliganga River, you’ll begin your ascent to Ruing Village going through dense forests. A small scenic village, you will see few houses and a shop providing basic products here. You can either camp here or at a lovely meadow located just 2-3 km ahead of the village.

Day 03: Ruing Village – Dronagiri Village (Highest Altitude: 3610 mts, Trek: 8 kms)
The trail from Ruing Village to Dronagiri Village goes through dense forests, rough lands, and streams. The tiring trail gives way to the beautiful view of the snow-clad peaks of Hathi Parvat and Ghori Parvat.

A cemented pavement will lead you to the village. Dronagiri might resemble a village structure but since it is inhabited, it gives you the impression of a village in ruins.  For a village at such high altitude and unlike other high altitude villages, Dronagiri Village can be considered quite smart. You can explore the village, visit the temple dedicated to Bhumial God, and camp here.

Day 04: Dronagiri Village – Kanari Khal (Highest Altitude: 4515 mts, Trek: 12 kms)
The route from Dronagiri Vilage to Kanari Khal is very challenging and goes through high ridges, river streams, bridges, barren lands, and finally takes you to the breath-taking location of Kaneri Khal.
As you progress further, you’ll witness the mesmerizing views of Rishi, Bagini Nala, Satminal, and Hardeol peaks. The trail to KanariKhal is quite confusing and exhausting, however, once you reach the spot, you can’t help falling in love with the outworldly sight in front of you.

The mighty Dunagiri and other peaks looks spectacular from the top with the Nandikund Pass lying ahead to the far left.You will set your camps just ahead of the pass and enjoy camping at this mesmerizing location.

Day 05: KanariKhal – Garpak (Highest Altitude: 4515 mts, Trek: 4 kms)
Today, you will begin your descent to Garpak Village which is located at an elevation of 3,340 m. The left trail from KaneriKhal takes you to Garpak Village and right trail takes you to Khalla Khal.

The steep descent from Kanari Khal to Garpak Village goes through narrow ridges and sharp bends. You will stay overnight and camp at Garpak Village. From Garpak Village, you can either trek to Jumma or to KhallaKhal Base. If you trek to KhallaKhal Base, you will stay there for the night and then trek towards Malari on the next day. From Malari, you will leave for Joshimath.

Note: If you trek towards Jumma, the below itinerary holds.

Day 06: Garpak– Ruing – Jumma (Trek: 8 kms)
Today will mark the last day of your trek. You will walk through a scenic route to Jumma with Lampak and Bagini streams accompanying you.

Day 07 & 08: Jumma – Joshimath – Delhi
After early morning breakfast, leave for Joshimath from Jumma. You can halt at Joshimath or continue with your journey to Delhi.

Kanari Khal Trek Travel Tips

  • You must get an inner line permit issued for every trekker, guides, and cooks.
  • Carry your identity card and passport-sized photographs.
  • The nearest town from Kanari Khal is Joshimath so make sure to stock up essentials from there itself.
  • Carry appropriate woolen clothing, shoes, and equipment for trekking and camping. Even if you travel in summer, you will need warm clothes for the trek. 
  • Get detailed guidelines for the trek from your guide/agency beforehand and prepare the required items well in advance.
  • Since Kanari Khal trek is a high altitude challenging trek, it is advisable to mountaineers who have at least 2-3 high-altitude trekking experience.
  • Owing to the altitude and duration of the trek, altitude sickness, and AMS can be a problem for some. Notice if you are feeling nauseous, having headaches, or not feeling well. Check Beginners Guide for High Altitude Treks and how to avoid AMS

There is one more trekking route which includes Kalla Khal as well. Kindly find the details below.

Kalla Khal - Kanari Khal with Bagini Glacier Trekking Itinerary

Duration: 10 / 12 days
Highest Altitude: 5200 mts
Grade: Difficult

Day 1: Rishikesh - Joshimath
Drive to Joshimath 253 kms from Rishikesh. Night stay in Joshimath hotels.

Day 2: Joshimath - Jumma - Dronagiri village
Drive 47 kms to Jumma from Joshimath. We will start trek of 5-6 hrs to Dronagiri village via Ruing and Chiyacha from Jumma. The trek pass through huge dense forest, a steep climb from Ruing till Dronagiri. You can also explore the beautiful village situated in a lap of Dronagiri Bamak (Col). Overnight stay in camps.

Day 3: Dronagiri village - Bagni Bamak Base Camp
Trek from Dronagiri Village to Bagni Bamak Base Camps via Dronagiri Kol and Dronagiri Gad. The trek commands through moraine and boulder area, further crossing a stream, we trek ascend to Bagni Bamak, the whole area is Bolder, the voice of breaking glaciers, roaring streams from glaciers make the region horrible, further we trek 2 kms to Bagni glaciers.

Day 4: Bagni Glacier or Base Camp
The Day is free to explore the area. One can enjoy the lofty peaks Changbang , Garure Dome , Kalanka and many other snow-capped peak above 6000 mts. They appear so near while it look to touch them with finger. Bagni glacier is covered with beautiful snow-capped peaks, stream and springs. Overnight in tents.

Day 5: Bagini Base - Dronagiri Village
Trek 4-5 hrs to Dronagiri village via Dronagiri Gad and Dronagiri Kol. Arrive and set up the camp for the overnight stay.

Day 6: Dronagiri - Kanari Khal
Trek from Dronagiri to Kanarikhal which proceeds through big passes and streams. Till to reach Kanarikhal the trail leads up and down with crossing glacier and roaring streams. The last one hour of the trek is through thick forest till we reach up to Kanarikhal. One can see easily the towering peak Lampak, rising in front of Kanarikhal.

Day 7: Kanari khal - Kanari Khal Pass - Garpak
Trek 5-6 hrs to reach Garpak village via Kanari Khal pass. Enroute one has to cross the tough pass of Kanarikhal. This is tiring day till to reach Garpak, a steep ascend. Set up the camp nearby village for the overnight stay.

Day 8: Garpak - Kalla Khal Base
Today we will trek up to Kalla khal base. The trek is mix of ascend and descend. On arrival set out camp for overnight stay.

Day 9: Kalla Khal Base - Malari Village
We will trek to Malari Village via the spectacular Niti Valley and crossing Dhauli Ganga River.

Day 10: Malari - Joshimath
You can either stay in Joshimath and check out various attractions in Joshimath. You can also visit Auli Hill Station as well. OR you can drive down to Rishikesh/Haridwar.

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