Kotdwar - Gateway to Garhwal

Kotdwara (Kotdwar) is located at the foothills of the Shivaliks at a distance of 101 kms from Pauri. It is the entrance to hills in Pauri region of Uttarakhand, and literally means 'Gateway to Garhwal'.

Kotdwar is famous for its several temples like the Siddhbali temple which is located at a distance of 2 kms from Kotdwar. The Durga Devi temple is also located at a distance of 2 kms from Kotdwar and is one of the most popular temples of the region.

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Why visit Kotdwara Town?

The famed town of Kotdwara is celebrated for its religious significance. There are many sacred Hindu shrines adorned in the city such as the Siddhbali temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman and the Durga Devi temples located at a favourable distance from Kotdwara. 

The lively town of Kotdwara is also known for being an important commercial centre as it supplies the necessary things to the upper Himalayan districts of Uttarakhand. While visiting Kotdwara, don’t forget to buy the local handicraft items and souvenirs from Malini market and District Board Shopping Centre. 

For excursions, one can visit places like the Jim Corbett National Park, Kanvashram, Lansdowne, Koteshwar Mahadev, Medanpuri Devi, Tarkeshwar temple and Devi Bhagwati temple.  

Kotdwar is well connected by rail network to places like Lucknow, Delhi, and Howrah. It also has an excellent road network. You can buy handicrafts and souvenirs from Malni market, and District Board Shopping Centre.

Kotdwar is the entrance point of famous hill station Lansdowne as well. 

Activities in Kotdwar

ShoppingBeing an industrial and commercial hub, there are shops and markets at Kotdwara where one can purchase handicrafts, souvenirs, religious idols and other artifacts. Malni market and District Board Shopping Centre are famous markets in Kotdwara. 

Temple Visit: Kotdwara is home to revered temples and shrines that are visited by large number of devotees. Siddhabali temple, Durga Devi temple and Koteshwar Mahadev are some of the revered temples at Kotdwara.

Kotdwar Travel Tips

  • As Kotdwara is an industrial and commercial hub, facilities like ATMs, departmental shops, petrol pumps, and eateries are easily available. 

Staying in Kotdwar

Known as the ‘Gateway to Garhwal’ region, Kotdwara is located at the foothills of Shivalik hills of Garhwal Himalayas. Due to its importance as being a commercial town, plenty of accommodations have mushroomed in the city. There are semi-deluxe as well as budget hotel and guesthouses with limited amenities at Kotdwara. However, finding a luxury accommodation could be little difficult.

Kotdwar Food Guide

There are abundant road-side dhabas and local restaurants at Kotdwar where one can find North Indian cuisines and popular Chinese dishes at affordable prices. Being a small town, it is hard to find good restaurants that serve delectable choices of cuisines. Tourists traveling to Kotdwara must taste the iconic Bal-mithai and Singauri that is available at every sweet shop.

History of Kotdwar

According to the Himalayan Gazetteer written by Atkins, Kotdwara was referred to as ‘Khohdawara’ meaning the 'Gateway to Khoh', a river on which Kotdwara city is based. The city was initially ruled by the Mauryan Empire under the Great Ashoka, followed by the rule of Katyuri dynasty and then Panwar dynasty of Garhwal. 

Then came the Gurkhas who reigned Kotdwara for almost 12 years, after which the British defeated them and took control over the region.  

Kotdwara during British Era   

Kotdwara remained isolated for many years and was known as the lesser-known place of Uttarakhand. Later it came into the eyes of the people when Kotdwara was connected by rails to the major parts of Uttarakhand. 

Not many people know that Kotdwara Railway Station, established by the British in 1890 is among the oldest railway stations in India. This rail-head was used for transporting timber from the Himalayan region. After this, an industrial revolution was seen in Kotdwara as many big and small scale industries were established in Kotdwara.

Kotdwara is a popular city and a former timber transport site during the colonial period. The city is also emerging as a major industrial hub. Many big industries such as SIDCUL, BEL, Simpex Pharma, Reliance Media Pharma, Del Monte, Indica Chemicals etc. are flourishing in the region.

Kotdwar will now be Kanva Nagri

Kotdwar town has been renamed as Kanva Nagri Kotdwar. Chief minister Trivendra Singh Rawat on 3 March 2021 approved a proposal to declare the area falling under the jurisdiction of Kotdwar Nagar Nigam as Kanva Nagri Kotdwar.

It is believed that Raja Dushyant and son of Shakuntala Chakravarti King Bharata were born in Kanwashram of Kotdwar. At the same time there used to be the ashram of sage Kanva, it is believed that the initial education of King Bharata was also done here. 

Kotdwar has been a mythological city, there is mention of Kotdwar and Malan river in the scriptures too. The holy Malan river also passes through Kanwashram from Kotdwar, the river which is also mentioned in the Abhigyan Shakuntalam composed by Mahakavi Kalidas.

Note: Kotdwar is also written as Kotdwara, Kot Dwar, Kanwanagri, Kanva Nagri

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What is Kotdwar famous for?

Kotdwar is famous among tourist as Business hub, Market, Shopping, Temples, Historical City, City.

Kotdwar is popular destination for following activities/ interests - Business Hub, Others, Shopping.

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