Naini Saini Airport, Photo: Yogesh Upadhyay (Facebook)

Naini Saini Airport

About Naini Saini Airport

Naini Saini Airport is situated in a beautiful city of Kumon called Pithoragarh. This airport is also known as Pithoragarh airport or Pithoragarh Airstrip

Currently goverment of Uttarakhand is operating this airport and is planning to upgrade it to Category 2C airport under Visual flight rules (VFR) conditions to facilitate operations of ATR-42 type of aircraft. Pithoragarh Airport was constructed in 1991 for administrative use and planned for Dornier 228 type aircraft.

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5.7 kms / 15 mins
From Uttrakhand Roadways Lower Bus Station, GIC Road, Pithoragarh
30 mins

Naini Saini Airport in Pithoragarh

Flights from Naini Saini Airport

As Pithoragarh city is situated in the upper Himalayas region of Uttarakhand and also the population is not quite similar like other Indian Cities so the daily commercial flights are still not operational. 

Daily commercial flights from Pithoragarh are finally began from 17th of Jan 2019 with 25 seater planes.

Flight Departure Timing Between Pithoragarh Airport/Naini Saini and Pant Nagar Airport

Pantnagar to Pithoragarh flight time:
Departure Timing: 11:30 AM | Arrival: 12:00 PM | Duration: 30 Mins

Pithoragarh to Pantnagar flight time : 1:40 pm
Departure Timing: 10:40 AM | Arrival: 11:10 PM | Duration: 30 Mins

Direct flight cost between Pantnagar and Pithoragarh : Approx. 1410 INR (one sided) For Adults

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Kumaon region of India share some of the most amazing vistas of nature so the possibility of tourism is quite high. Uttarakhand Govt. is spending a lot for the maintenance of this airport to increase the possibilities of tourism in this area.

Delhi NCR Flights to Naini Saini Airport

Delhi NCR Flights from Hindon Air Force Base Civil Terminal to Naini Saini Aiport in Pithoragarh has been inaugurated from October 2019.

The Hindon air force base’s civil terminal will find a place on India’s aviation map on Friday when it receives its first passenger flight — a 9-seater Beechcraft plane — from Pithoragarh’s Naini Saini in Uttarakhand at 12.30pm. This will also be the first commercial flight between NCR and Pithoragarh, reducing to 60 minutes, a journey that usually takes 14-15 hours by road. 

Flight Timings and Duration

Flight Duration: 1 Hour

Hindon (IDX) to Pithoragarh (NNS)
Departure: 1 pm
Arrival: 2 pm

Pithoragarh (NNS) to Hindon (IDX)
Departure: 11:30 am
Arrival: 12:30 pm

Approax Cost of Flight Tickets
Hindon (IDX) to Pithoragarh (NNS): Rs 2270
Pithoragarh to Hindon: Rs 2470

Online Booking Link for Pithoragarh Flight Tickets

You can book air tickes between Pithoragarh and Hindon (Ghaziabad - Delhi NCR) from Air Heritage Website:

International Paragliding Event in Pithoragarh

The Kumaon Mandal Vikas Nigam (KMVN) organized an international paragliding event, the first event of its kind in Kumaon region of Pithoragarh district.

The ridges of Sorlek, Kanari and Pabhen by the valley of Soor were selected for take-off points, from which, the paragliders will fly towards the Naini Saini Airstrip.

Location of Naini Saini Airport

Naini Saini Airport is located in Pithoragarh.

Location & How to Reach Naini Saini Airport

Naini Saini Airport is not fully operational so getting flight from a major city to here is not possible. However, other airport of Kumaon region is situated in Pantnagar whic is close to here. You can hire local taxis to Pithoragarh. Publis transport like Tata sumos and Maxx sharing cabs are also available there.

Naini Saini Distance Chart
Naini Saini Airport to Pithoragarh: 4.5 kms
Naini Saini to Munsiyari: 125 kms
Naini Saini to Almora: 125 kms
Naini Saini Airport to Nainital: 185 kms
Naini Saini Airport to Kausani: 168 kms
Naini Saini Airport to Khatima: 176 Kms
Naini Saini to Kathgodam Railway Station: 180 kms
Naini Saini Airport to Pant Nagar Airport: 215 kms
Naini Saini to Delhi: 515 Kms

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