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Nalgan Pass Trek

Nalgan Pass- A Journey to The Himalayan Icelands

The Nalgan Pass Trek is a trek in the beautiful meadows of the Himachal and Garhwal region of the Himalayas. The Nalgan Pass Trek is an 8 to 14-day trek depending on the route you choose. It is located in the northeastern part of Uttarakhand starting from close to Himachal border, heading east and then south. The trek is an exciting expedition in the Garhwal and Himachal Himalayas, where you get to explore the wide range of flora and fauna of both these areas, along with majestic meadows of Himachal Pradesh.

Get Nalgan Pass trek route, trekking tips & trekking guide.

The Nalgan Pass Trek is a Moderate to Challenging trek that begins from Dehradun, onto the Sangla Road Head with Sankri being its base camp. At the Nalgan Pass Trek, you will get to see the excellent view of both Kinnaur in Himachal and the Garhwal side from Nalgan Pass. Here you will also discover the Kanasar Lake which is totally mesmerizing. With soul-touching campsites beneath the dazzling Himalayan sky in the midst of the gigantic and gorgeous valley of the Himalayas, the Nalgan Pass Trek is a delight to be on to.

Best Time to Travel to Nalgan Pass Trek

The best season to do Nalgan Pass Trek is from the 2nd week of May to the 2nd week of June and the 2nd week of September to the 3rd week of October. During the first week of May, the snow is too high and therefore trekking gets really typical. June is the best summer month to do Nalgan Pass Trek, especially for the first time trekkers of high altitude. Monsoon is all hale and hearty during July, August, and early September.

The rain makes the area blurry and slippery. From the first week of September post-monsoon, the Nalgan Pass Trek turns extremely beautiful, with golden brown meadows and abundance of flowers, it continues to flourish until the third week of October. The area doesn’t experience much snowfall post-monsoon, although snow patches start to appear. Intermittent snowfall happens in bursts three or four times.

Brief Itinerary of Nalgan Pass Trek

Day :1 Dehradun - Mussoorie - Naugaon – Purola - Netwar - Dhaula Village (1500 M)

Day 2: Dhaula Village - Gosangu (2000m)
Distance: 10km
Route: (Via) Sewa (2000m)

Day 3: Gosangu (2000m) to Jakha (2400m)
Distance: 12km
Route:(Via) Jiskon Village (2500m)

Day 4: Jakha Bridge (2500m) to Suriwas (3300m)
Route: (Via) Pandhar Village (3000m)

Day 5: Suriwas (3300m) to Nalgan (4200m)
Distance: 6km

Day 6: Nalgan Base Camp (4000m) to Sagle (3800m)
Route: (Via) Nalgan Pass(4450m)- Rukti Gaad crossing, move downhill to Sangla Kanda (3500m)

Day 7: Sangla (2800m) to Rani Kanda (3800m)
Distance: 20km (Drive)+12km(Via) Chitkult (3450m)

Day 8: Rani Kanda (3800m)

Day 9: Rani Kanda (3800m) to Dumthi/Sunthi (4200m)
Distance: 15km+5km trek

Day 10: Dumti/Sunthi (4200m) to Gaundar (4500m)
Distance:10km + 5km trek

Day 11: Gaundar (4500m) to Lamkhaga Base Camp (4900m)
Distance: 6km

Day 12: Lamkhaga Base camp (4900m) to Kiarkoti (3900m)
Distance: 12km
 Route: (Via) Lamkhaga Pass (5280m)

Day 13: Kiarkoti (3900m) to Harshil (2500m)
Distance: 15km
Route: (Via) Gangnani

Day 14: Harshil (2500m) to Dehradun (640m)
Distance: 175km
Route: (Via) Uttarkashi

Nalgan Pass Trek Photo Gallery

Bapsa valley view on the way of Nalgan pass trek
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What is Nalgan Pass Trek famous for?

Nalgan Pass Trek is famous among tourist as For its snow clad Himalayas pass.

Nalgan Pass Trek is recommended destination for Corporates, Couples, Foreigners, Groups.

Nalgan Pass Trek is popular destination for following activities/ interests - Adventure, High Altitude Mountain Pass, Trekking.

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