Neergarh Waterfalls I & II

About Neergarh Waterfalls I & II

The jade blue Neergarh waterfalls also known as ‘Neer Gaddu’ are located about 5 & 7s km from Lakshman Jhula (Neergarh Waterfall I & II) on Rishikesh-Badrinath highway. These natural waterfalls radiates their empyrean beauty as they tumbles down the rocky cliffs. During summers many tourists visit Neergarh waterfalls to bathe in the cool water of the stream flowing nearby. There are two small bridges erected on the waterfalls having few resting shops in the vicinity. A short trek will take you closer to these pristine waterfall.

In RishikeshOne have to trek 1 km for Neergarh Waterfall I and 3 Km for Neergarh Waterfall II. 5km from Laxman Jhula
Paid Entry

30/- Rs. Per Head.

2 hr

Neergarh Waterfalls I & II in Ranikhet

Things to do at the Neergarh waterfall

In the peak seasons, many tourists come to savour the beauty of the two-tier Neergarh waterfalls, blessed with two bathing pools. There is also a small waterfall located at 1kms trekking distance from the road having a small pool. One can soak in the miniature pool, dip their feet in the water or even bathe in the cold water. Further 2 km trek from here, will take you to a bigger waterfall which has a large pool. One can see different species of butterflies fluttering around the wild flowers growing on the jagged ground, so don't forget to take your cameras along.

Best Time to Visit Neergarh Waterfall

Post monsoon is the best time to visit the Neergarh waterfalls as you can see the stunning waterfall cascading thousands of feet from the verdant hillock.

Location of Neergarh Waterfalls I & II

Neergarh Waterfalls I & II is located in In Rishikesh ( One have to trek 1 km for Neergarh Waterfall I and 3 Km for Neergarh Waterfall II. 5km from Laxman Jhula).

Location & How to Reach Neergarh Waterfalls I & II

These waterfalls are about 9km far from Rishikesh railway station. You can reach through car or by hiring scooty or bike to first waterfall which is at 250 metres of hike from the road.  You have to trek 1 km further for 2nd waterfall and 3 from the third one. The stop on NH-7 or Badrinath highway from where this trek start is about 5kms far fraom famous Laxman Jhula

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What is Neergarh Waterfalls I & II famous for?

Neergarh Waterfalls I & II is popular place for following activities/ interests - Hiking, Picnic Spots, Trekking, Waterfalls.

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