About Pandavsera

Pandav Sera, also known as Pandusera is a mesmerizing valley lying en route Nandikund, a high-altitude lake set an elevation of 4800 mts. The 3-4 kms wide valley is believed to be the place where Pandavas resided and practiced agriculture here for a long time. They dug a canal here, cultivated the fields, and transformed the entire area.

Hence, it is no wonder that the name of the place, Pandav Sera has been derived from the Pandavas, wherein Pandav denotes the five brothers and Sera denotes cultivated land.

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On the way to Nandi Kund18 Kms and 2 Days Trek from Madmaheshwar

Pandavsera in Madmaheshwar

Pandavsera valley is marked by verdant meadows with giant boulders scattered over the place. The boulders act as a perfect campsite and an ideal spot for resting. There is also a stone temple underneath one huge boulder where you can offer your prayers. 

You’ll encounter many such huge boulders with cave-like formations underneath them even before reaching the main Pandavsera Valley. These boulders are known as Pandav gupha (caves). The way to Pandavsera is enchanting with beautiful Himalayan flora and faunas, snow-clad peaks, and milky waterfalls accompanying you.


Camping in Pandav Sera: The meadows of Pandavsera with their lush greenery and open space are perfect for camping. The huge boulders which are scattered all over the valley is ideal for resting and for using as a kitchen. The captivating beauty of the place surrounded by mighty snow laden peaks and freshness, is something worth experiencing leisurely during camping.


Best time to for Pandavsera Trek

The best time to visit Pandavsera is in summers during the months of May and June and post-monsoon during the months of September and October. During summers, the weather is extremely pleasant with clear paths and gentle breeze making the trek easier. Post monsoons, the paths are clear and the views are fresh and beautiful. The days are cool and the nights are chilling.

Location of Pandavsera

Pandavsera is located in On the way to Nandi Kund ( 18 Kms and 2 Days Trek from Madmaheshwar).

Location & How to Reach Pandavsera

Since Pandavsera lies just 3 km before Nandi Kund, it follows the same trek route as that of Nandi Kund. You’ll start your trek from Ransi Village and it will take you around 4 days to reach Pandavsera. 

The trekking route to Pandusera goes through scenic villages of Ransiand Bantoli, beautiful Madhyamaheshwar Valley, captivating Madhyamaheshwar Ganga, sparkling waterfalls, and variety of flora and fauna which makes theroute extremely scenic and full of life. On the way, there are several places where you can rest and have tea and snacks.

Trek Route to reach Pandusera

Ransi Village – Gaundhar – Bantoli – Nanu – MadhyamaheshwarKachani Dhar – Pandavsera

Complete Trek Route Map of Nandi Kund - Ghiya Vinayak Trek

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What is Pandavsera famous for?

Pandavsera is popular place for following activities/ interests - Adventure, Camping, Trekking.

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