Budha Madmaheshwar, Photo: the himalayan spirit

Budha Madmaheshwar

About Budha Madmaheshwar

Budha Madmaheshwar (Vriddh or Old) is located at a 2 km trekking distance from the famous Madmaheshwar temple and offers one of the best view of Chaukhambha Peaks. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva also known as Mahadev. 

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Madmaheshwar2 kms further hike from Madmaheshwar temple will lead you to this place.
2 kms
From Madhyamaheshwar Temple
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Budha Madmaheshwar in Madmaheshwar

The Budha Madmaheshwar is a hill temple which is visited by many devotees from distant places. This place offers an unparalleled view of the majestic Himalayas. However, you’ll be surprised by the prasad offered to the god, which consist of biscuits and chocolates. There are few pools of water in Buda-Madmaheshwar top mirror-reflecting the mountain ranges.

Location of Budha Madmaheshwar

The Buddha Madmasheshwar temple is located atop Madmaheshwar Bugyal, a meandering meadow. This portable Hindu shrine is perched at an astounding altitude of 14,000 feet above sea level. The devotees can savour enchanting views of the Chaukhamba-Mandani peaks from the head of the temple.

Location of Budha Madmaheshwar

Budha Madmaheshwar is located in Madmaheshwar ( 2 kms further hike from Madmaheshwar temple will lead you to this place.).

Location & How to Reach Budha Madmaheshwar

Budha Madmaheshwar temple is situated at a distance of 2 km from the Panch Kedar Madmaheshwar temple. The trek ascends uphill towards Budha Madmaheshwar and can be reached easily as the trek route is relatively easy. Trekkers can relax and enjoy the scenic view of the majestic Chaukhamba peak that overlooks Budha Madmaheshwar shrine. Madmaheshwar temple is about 16 kms from Ransi village can be reach via trekking only.

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What is Budha Madmaheshwar famous for?

Budha Madmaheshwar is popular place for following activities/ interests - Adventure, Religious, Shiva Temples, Temples, Trekking.

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