Saptrishi Kund Trek

    Saptrishi Lake - Origin Source of Yamuna River

    Located at an elevation of 4421 mts, Saptrishi Kund is a high-altitude lake and the original source of Yamuna River. The lake is fed by Champasar Glacier set in the upper parts of the mountain range created by Bandarpunch Mountain. 

    Saptrishi Kund is located at a distance of 7 kms from Yamunotri and one has to go through an arduous trek to reach there. This glacial lake is half kilo meter long, surrounded by rocky glaciers and is fed by Champasar glacier.

    Get Saptrishi Kund Trekking Guide, Travel Tips, Trek Route

    About Saptrishi Trek

    The beautiful lake is surrounded by rocky mountains and glacier peaks and its trek trail goes through dense forests, beautiful meadows, rare Himalayan flora and fauna, and exotic glaciers. This is trek is still unexplored and not much trekkers have done this trek.

    Saptrishi Kund Trek is considered one of the most difficult treks in Uttarakhand and you must undertake the trek with a guide. There are no predefined paths and campsites in the trek and the route is covered with ice. Hence, it is advisable for only experienced trekkers.

    Best time to Saptrishi Lake Trek

    The best time to visit Saptrishi Kund is during the months of April – June and September and October.

    The summer months from April – June offers beautiful views and an ideal and safe condition for trekking. This is also the time when the Char Dham Yatra begins and hence you will find a lot of pilgrims and porters along the route to Yamunotri.

    The post-monsoon months of September and October sees less crowd to Yamunotri and you can enjoy pleasant weather with good views.

    Note: Avoid trekking during monsoons and winters. The monsoons make the route risky and the winters sees heavy snowfall here.

    Saptrishi Kund Trek Travel Tips

    • Commence the trek with a local guide, as in some areas you will not find any route, so intead of getting lost, it is advisable if you can hire a local guide for Saptrishi Kund Trek.
    • If you want to camp near lake, take proper camping gears, food. 
    • Get a good trekking shoes with good sole, as you will be crossing waterfalls, streams, glaciers and boulders on the way.
    • Carry your identity card and passport sized photographs.
    • Travel light and keep only necessary things.
    • It is advisable that you get your cash, fill in petrol, and buy other necessities from the nearest town from Jankichatti.
    • Do not forget to carry medical kit for headaches, cold, cough, stomach ache, etc. as you could need them during your trek.
    • Carry appropriate woollen clothing, shoes, and equipment for trekking and camping. Even if you travel in summers, you will need warm clothes for the trek. 
    • Get detailed guidelines for the trek from your guide/agency beforehand and prepare the required items well in advance.
    • The best time for Saptrishi Kund Trek is during the summer months of April – June and post monsoon months of September and October.

    Saptarishi Kund is regarded holy by Hindus. It is believed that the Saptarishis, the seven great sages named Rishi Kashyap, Atri, Gautama, Viswamitra, Bharadwaj, Vasistha and Jamadagni performed penance here. Yamunotri Temple is one of the pilgrimage sites of Char Dham pilgrimage and is the first stop of the pilgrimage. Goddess Yamuna is worshipped here.

    Saptrishi Kund Trek – Brief Itinerary 

    The 16 km trek to Saptrishi Kund commences from Jankichatti and goes through Yamunotri Temple, dense forests, glacier tracks, and beautiful flora and fauna. The trek is a challenging one and is suitable only for experienced trekkers.

    The trek route to Saptrishi Kund is as follows: Jankichatti – Yamunotri – Saptrishi Kund – Yamunotri – Jankichatti

    Day 1: Janki Chatti – Yamunotri
    Total distance: 6 km/4 hrs (Highest altitude: 3291 mts)

    The trek from Janki Chatti to Yamunotri is moderate accompanied with ascents and you’ll go through forests, streams, lakes, small villages, and beautiful wild flowers. Throughout the trail, there are many rest points and stalls serving tea and snacks. 

    Yamunotri Temple stands tall at an elevation of 3,291 m surrounded by majestic mountains, mesmerising springs of Surya Kund and Gauri Kund, and dense forests. River Yamuna flows gracefully alongside the temple. You will spend the night at Yamunotri.

    Day 2: Yamunotri –Saptrishi Kund – Yamunotri
     Total distance: 10 km (Highest altitude: 4421 mts)

    The trek route from Yamunotri to Saptrishi Kund is undefined and you will need a guide to go through the trail. In this trail, you will come across countless Himalayan flowers and herbs which are rich in medicinal properties. You will also spot the holy Brahma Kamal here. A good guide will be able to point out the flowers and state their benefits to you. However, do not touch the flowers without knowing about their properties as some flowers are poisonous!

    After crossing through a high valley, screes, and ridges, you will reach Saptrishi Kund. If you aren’t able to complete this journey in one day, you can find a suitable camping spot with the help of your guide and continue with your trek to Saptrishi Kund, the next day.

    Located at an elevation of 4,421 m, Saptrishi Kund is a heavenly lake surrounded by glaciers. The ambience of the place is out of the world and surreal. After losing yourself in the magnificence of the lake and exploring the environment, you will begin with your descent to Yamunotri. Be careful with the descent and do not over exert yourself.

    Day 3: Yamunotri – Janakchatti
    The descent from Yamunotri to Janakchatti will feel a lot easier after having covered the challenging tracks of Saptrishi Kund.

    Day 4: Departure from Janakchatti
    Today, you will commence your return journey from Janakchatti.

    Tips: You can also extend your trek by staying at Damini Bugyal which will make this trek a little longer but you will get some of the beautiful views of Bali Pass and other Himalayan Peaks. You can do camping in Damini Bugyal. If you do not want to miss the early morning views of Saptrishi Lake then you can do camping near the lake as well.


    Note: Saptrishi kund, Saptarishi Lake, Saptarishi trek, sapt kund, lake of Yamuna origin all are same thing.

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