Banasur Ka Kila

About Banasur Ka Kila

This medieval-era fort was built in the memory of Banasur, thousand-armed son of mythological king Bali who was slayed by Lord Krishna. The fort, situated 7kms from Lohaghat in Champawat district offers a perfect vantage to view the majestic Himalayan peaks in its full glory. Vanasur Ka Kila also known as Banasur Ka Kila.

Upon reaching, the travelers are required to do an easy gradient of 2 km will lead to Banasur Ka Kila. The lovers of ancient Indian architecture must visit this spectacular fort, which has been standing tall since ages.

7 kms from Champawat2 km uphill trek
7 kms / 19 mins
From Bus Station, NH125, Lohaghat Range, Lohaghat
Free Entry
2 hr

Banasur Ka Kila in Lohaghat

Mythology of Banasur Ka Kila (Quila/Fort)

The legend has it that Banasur, the eldest son of Bali was a mighty king and a devotee of Lord Shiva. Pleased by his utmost devotion, one day Lord Shiva appeared in front of Banasura and blessed him with thousand arms. After receiving the boon, Banasur started misusing his powers and created havoc in the heavens as well as on earth. One day the arrogant Banasura, challenged Lord Shiva to tell the name of the person who can give him a tough competition. Shiva gave a flag to hoist near his fort and told him, the day this flag post will break your contender will come. 

Time passed by and Banasur created tremors without realizing that his daughter, Usha was ready for marriage. One day Usha saw the man of her dreams and confessed her wish of being with him to Chitralekha, her friend and daughter of the minister of Banasura. Chitralekha who had superficial powers recognized the man to be Anirudha, the prince of Dwarka and grandson of Lord Krishna. She abducted him from his sleep and brought him to Usha. They both fall in love and spent the next 4 months happily together. 

One day when Banasura was taking rounds of his kingdom, he noticed that the flagpost was broken and asked his soldiers to find any stranger in his kingdom. This unfolded the truth about Anirudha and Usha, after which Banasura stormed in her daughter's palace. The angry Anirudha came with a stone pillar in his hand and fought with the entire army. A fierce battle held between them and Banasura imprisoned Anirudha. When Lord Krishna, Balrama and other Yadavas realized what has happened, they marched towards Shontipur, the former name of the region. Lord Krishna advanced in his garuda and had a fierce battle with the evil, Banasura. At last, Banasura was annihilated by Lord Krishna and attained nirvana. 

Location of Banasur Ka Kila

Banasur Ka Kila is located in 7 kms from Champawat ( 2 km uphill trek).

Location & How to Reach Banasur Ka Kila

Vanasur Ka Kila is well connected with motorable roads. Direct buses are available to Lohaghat region of Kumaon from where this location is at a distance of 7 km only.  You can also hire local taxies if you are coming from Tanakpur Railway station or from Pantnagar airport.

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What is Banasur Ka Kila famous for?

Banasur Ka Kila is popular place for following activities/ interests - Forts, Hiking, Historical, View Points.

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