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Ali and Bedni Bugyal - Heavenly Meadows

Bedni Bugyal is one of the most beautiful alpine meadows situated in Uttarakhand, located at the border Garhwal and Kumaon in Chamoli district. The trek to Bedni Bugyal and Ali Bugyal passes through lush green grassy land, conifer forest clinging into the slopes of hills and steep climbs. Bedni Kund in Bedni Bugyal holds great religious importance amongst the locals.

The whole route to Ali Bedni Bugyal involves easy to medium grade trekking. The enthralling treks take some through enchanting valleys, hushed hamlets, and conifers and oak forests. Bedni Bugyal is one of the most beautiful meadows in India. Bedni Bugyal provides breathtaking view of the Trishul peak and one cannot resist capturing the majestic snow covered peak with their camera. For wildlife and nature-photographers, Bedni Bugyal offers lot of opportunities to capture nature at its best.

Wan is the last village en route Bedni Bugyal. Varied colors and diversified splendors of nature can be seen on this enchanting trek to Bedni Bugyal. The reflection of the majestic Trishul peak on the crystal clear water of Bedni Kund is purely enchanting. Ali Bugyal is a vast expanse of green meadows with coniferous trees on the slopes.

Ali Bugyal and Bedni Bugyal Travel Guide

Distance from Delhi: 492kms + 20 km (trek)

 Best season: May to November

Accommodation in Bedni Bugyal and Ali Bugyal?

Wan is the last point where you can get accommodation facility while traveling to Bedni Bugyal and Ali Bugyal. During the remaining trekking route you must carry your own camping tents for accommodation.

Nearby Tourist Places

While trekking to Bedni Bugyal and Ali Bugyal you can further add a visit to the mysterious RoopKund. RoopKund is a popular place situated at an elevation of 5,029 mts above sea level. Trek to Roopkund is graded difficult. Bedni Kund at Bedni Bugyal also serves as a tourist attraction.There is gorgeous Bedni Kund (lake), crystal clear water of which displays the reflection of majestic Trishul peak.

Staying in Ali Bedni Bugyal

One the largest meadow and the most beautiful one – Ali Bedni Bugyal is encountered on the trek enroute Roopkund. Situated at an elevation of more than 3,000 metres finding a guest house or lodge is not possible as the region is uninhabitable. Trekkers tend to camp at the meadow itself. It is advisable to bring your own tent or rent one before you start your trek. Wan is the last village where one can find any accommodation.

Ali Bedni Bugyal Food Guide

It is not possible to find even a tea stall let alone a local food joint at this height. The only food you can have is the one you take with yourself, or which is provided by your trek providers. If you are trekking with a group, it is advisable to find a local cook to travel with you so he can prepare meal for you. Also, carry some packaged food with you as a light snack for the route.

How to reach Bedni  Bugyal and Ali Bugyal?

The starting point of the trek is Lohajang Pass which is well connected by motorable roads. The trek to Bedni Bugyal and Ali Bugyal is graded easy as it passes through the village. From Lohajang Pass the trek descends for 7 kms and then gradually ascends for 4 kms, finishing at Wan village. The moderate trek of 9kms from Wan goes through the deep forest of rhododendron and oak.

Road Route from Delhi:

Delhi - Meerut - Haridwar - Rishikesh - Rudraprayag - Karnaprayag - Lohajang Pass - Trekking (20 kms) - Bedni Bugyal

  • The trek to Bedni Bugyal is an easy one; however it is better to prepare for the trek at least a fortnight before. Running, cycling and swimming – all help improve cardiovascular stamina.
  • It is advisable to have an experienced tour guide to accompany you on your trek. He/she would know the route well and help you valid going off course. Check here our: Ali Bedni Bugyal and Roopkun Trek Packages
  • If possible, avoid trekking in the monsoons season. The route is slippery and the region is prone to unexpected landslides and road blocks.
  • Make sure you are travelling in a group of two or more. Venturing out alone wouldn’t be advisable. Also, make sure you have informed someone about your plan back home.

What is Ali Bedni Bugyal famous for?

Ali Bedni Bugyal is famous among tourist as Trekking .

Ali Bedni Bugyal is recommended destination for Corporates, Couples, Family and Kids, Foreigners, Groups, Solo.

Ali Bedni Bugyal is popular destination for following activities/ interests - Adventure, Meadows, Trekking.

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