Kedarkantha in Monsoons

Kedarkantha has always had its religious significance in Indian Mythology. It was supposed to be the residing place of Shiva, The Creator & Destroyer. It not only has a mythological essence but its mesmerizing vistas will entice your very soul. Kedarkantha in Monsoon is an awe inspiring view and is a must visit if you want to relish in the glory of The Himalayas in the Monsoon season.

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Kedarkantha in July

Kedarkantha in July is the on-set of Monsoon in Kedarkantha. The place might start getting sloppy and trekking your way up to the summit might get a little challenging, but the scenery that the Himalaya has in store for you is mind boggling. Kedarkantha in July is the beginning of the season and therefore you will be experiencing black clouds dawning your way. The jade blue sky turns tar-black with the Himalayas standing strong and making the area look mighty.

Kedarkantha in August

Kedarkantha receives a good amount of rainfall in during the month of August. Kedarkantha in Monsoon drips with the sweet scent of the refreshing waters of the Himalayas. The gravel-grey serves as a blanket on the peaks of Kedarkantha which when fades away, displays the majestic Himalayas. The rich Flora and Fauna appears to be even brighter and better with all those water droplets. Kedarkantha in Monsoon is no less than a paradise on Earth and therefore is a must visit.

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