Kedarkantha in Summers

Kedarkantha Trek is one of the most traveled treks in The Himalayas. Among all the seasons for trekking, Summers in Kedarkantha is a bewitching experience and attracts thousands of trekkers. 

During summers, the lush greenery present enroute to Kedarkantha summit refreshes the soul. The meadows at Juda ka Talaab comes to life as flowers blossom during the spring season. One also encounters lush green landscape blooming with myriad flowers all along the trek route during the summer as cool breeze plays with your hair.

Kedarkantha Trek is open this summer for April, May and June 2019 and could be a great option for spending few of your summer holidays!

Kedarkantha in April

The month of April is the best time if planning to travel Kedarkantha in Summers. The Snow that covers the peaks of the Kedarkantha Trek starts to shed off during the month of April. For those who want to experience The Himalayas taking off their white blanket and showcase a divine and beautiful Greenland, then April is the right choice to travel to Kedarkantha in Summers.

Kedarkantha in May

The month of May in Kedarkantha is completely  enticing. It is glazed with the sweet scent of freshly bloomed summers in the  mountains. It is a great time to trek as weather is pleasant, the cold is  bearable and there are very little or no chances of rainfall which makes the  trek easier and hassle free. In summers Kedarkantha has beauty at its best with  green pastures at every stretch of the eye, making it a captivating sight.

Kedarkantha in June

During the month of June the peaks of the Kedarkantha trek are in its full fledged glory. The weather is pleasant with a lush green cover and vibrantly coloured flowers blooming in the entire Kedarkantha Valley. Summers in kedarkantha gives you the opportunity to trek in the midst of the towering trees of Oak and Pine. The temperature range during Summer months in Kedarkantha vary between 6 degree Celsius in the night to about 20 degrees on the mid day heat.

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