Kedarkantha in Winters

The Kedarkantha trek is perhaps one of the best winter trek in the Himalayas and snow trek existing in the entire Himalayas. The entire trek route and surrounding is covered by a thick layer of fresh white snow. This region of the Himalayas gets early snow owing to the confluence of different Himalayan ranges and the quality of snow is very good. Its white powder making it a wonderful ski destination as well.

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Kedarkantha trek in December

Because of its surreal beauty, Kedarkantha receives a huge number of tourists in the month of December. A fresh snowfall of the season can makes your trek memorable. Because of its short length and easily approachable, you can walk slowly on snow while enjoying the surrounding beauty of Kedarkantha trek.

Kedarkantha trek in January

Covered with snow, Kedarkantha in January receives frequent snowfall which sometimes makes trekkers hard to climb but it adds a lot of adventure to your tour. Kedarkantha in January is a complete package of thrill, adventure & awe-inspiring beauty. Skiing in Kedarkantha is a new trend as it provides a perfect slopes in winters. 

Kedarkantha trek in February

If you are planning to visit Kedarkantha in February, then be ready to face the thrilling snowy trek. Snow remains on its in February in Kedarkantha. Chances of snowfall remains always open in Kedarkantha during February. The views & snow covered mountains are enough to make your journey memorable. A little sunlight at the day time can makes your trek pleasant but temp. at night can fall drastically. 

Kedarkantha trek in March

Kedarkantha trek in March is not a decision to cancel your trip cause snows remains here till April so don't worry about it. Because of its snowy white beauty and enthralling views, Kedarkantha is some of the best winter treks of North India. Carry heavy woolen clothes cause temp. remain chilling cold from evening till the sunny morning of next day. 

The view of a forest covered in snow is very dreamy and surreal in Kedarkantha. Its an experience which just takes your heart right away and keeps you excited throughout. The Kedarkantha trek gets really cold in the winters and temperature drops to as low as -10 degrees adding to more to the thrill of being on one of the best winter treks in the Himalayas.

Following are some of the breathtaking pictures of Kedarkantha Trek covered with snow during Winters

It's a winter time and getting a flat land without snow is tough here. Trekkers enjoying the warm shed in their camps on the way of Kedarkantha Trek.
Final steep to Kedarkantha summit
Trekkers finding their way to Kedarkantha summit and trek. You can see the footprints on snow covered land on this valley

Our Trekkers during Winters

After conquering the Kedarkantha summit successfully, trekkers moving towards the base camp of Kedarkantha happily
Winters are special here! a trekker trying to find her path to Kedarkantha summit.
Trekkers enjoying their best time at Kedarkantha winter trek.
The Trishul of lord Shiva or shri Kedarkantha and a trekkers overlooking the uncountable range of mountains from Kedarkantha summit & trek
Kedarkantha submit

Camping during Winter Trek of Kedarkantha

Camps in Kedarkantha base camp
Our tents in Kedarkantha base camp
Camping in Kedarkantha

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