Kedarkantha in Winters

The Kedarkantha trek is perhaps one of the best winter trek in the Himalayas and snow trek existing in the entire Himalayas. The entire trek route and surrounding is covered by a thick layer of fresh white snow. 

Kedarkantha region of the Himalayas gets early snow in winters, owing to the confluence of different Himalayan ranges the quality of snow is very good thus making it a wonderful ski destination as well.

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Reasons why winter is the best time to visit Kedarkantha trek

  • Meadows full of snow: During winters, the meadows of Kedarkantha are enveloped with thick snow and the entire place looks surreal. The snow starts around December and the region is covered with snow till April. The route becomes a little difficult due to all the snow cover but with proper care and necessary precautions, even beginners can aim for a winter trek in Kedarkantha and that is one of the biggest advantages of Kedarkantha winter trek.
  • Striking views from campsites: The streams remain frozen during winters. And the mesmerizing JudakaTalab is completely frozen. The majestic peaks of the surrounding Himalayas are covered with snow and the locations of the campsites make it possible to relish the views to your deepest satisfaction. 
  • Easy route suited for beginners: One of the main things that make Kedarkatha winter trek in Kedarkantha so special is that despite being covered in heavy snow, the route is moderately easy. With proper care and necessary precautions, even beginners can aim for Kedarkantha winter trek.
  • Mesmerizing views from the summit: While the Kedarkantha trek is miraculously wonderful with all the snow, it’s the summit that takes the prize. From the summit, you can view the surrounding mountains, the meadows and the villages below. It feels as if you are a spectator looking at the world from a different plane. The white snow at the peaks of the Himalayas surrounding you and across Kedarkantha feels outwardly. It’s an experience that you’ll never forget in your lifetime.

Breathtaking Images of Kedarkantha Trek covered with snow during Winters

It's a winter time and getting a flat land without snow is tough here. Trekkers enjoying the warm shed in their camps on the way of Kedarkantha Trek.

Final steep to Kedarkantha summit

Trekkers finding their way to Kedarkantha summit and trek. You can see the footprints on snow covered land on this valley

Our Trekkers during Winters

After conquering the Kedarkantha summit successfully, trekkers moving towards the base camp of Kedarkantha happily

Winters are special here! a trekker trying to find her path to Kedarkantha summit.

Trekkers enjoying their best time at Kedarkantha winter trek.

The Trishul of lord Shiva or shri Kedarkantha and a trekkers overlooking the uncountable range of mountains from Kedarkantha summit & trek

Kedarkantha submit

Camping during Winter Trek of Kedarkantha

Camps in Kedarkantha base camp

Our tents in Kedarkantha base camp

Camping in Kedarkantha

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Kedarkantha in Winters Travel Tips

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Kedarkantha Trek Tour Packages

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4 Days / 3 Nights
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