Mahasu Devta Temple in Bisoi

About Mahasu Devta Temple in Bisoi

Bisoi Temple is an ancient temple situated in the quaint Bisoi Village and dedicated to Mahasu Devta who is considered the God of Justice and the chief deity of the village and its nearby regions.

Bisoi Village is a charming village located 30 kms from Chakrata. The village is noteworthy for its beautiful traditional houses made of stones and timber. The ancient houses are surrounded by greenery all around and you can see the mighty Himalayas standing tall in the background.

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30 Kms from ChakrataIn Bisoi Village

Mahasu Devta Temple in Bisoi in Chakrata

The Bisoi Temple which is also referred as Mahasu Devta Temple, is an architectural marvel and a gem of the village. The temple is constructed in the traditional architectural style using stones and wood. The stones and wood are blended so harmoniously that just the sight of the temple disperses an aura of peace. 

Bisoi Temple is decorated with intricate wooden carvings and the entire wooden exterior of the temple is covered by a slated roof with a golden conical canopy with a kalash above it. The top part is decorated with bells which chime softly and adds to the wonderful ambience to the place. 

Trees were donated by nearby villagers for its construction which took 6 years time to complete. There are other two Mahasu Devta Temples which are recently built are in Lakhwar and Lakshyaar village. All three temples are architecturally very beautiful and have some history and mythological importance associated with them. There are overnight staying options mainly home stays and food facilities both inside and outside the temples.

Why Visit Bisoi Temple

The ideal location of the temple, just 30 km from the hill station of Chakrata, provides panoramic views of the snow-clad mountains from its premises. The climate is soothing here and the entire region is away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and hence peaceful.

Bisoi Temple serves as an ideal weekend getaway. If you want to explore further, you can easily visit the nearby villages and the hill stations of Nagthat, Chakrata and Mussoorie.

Video of Mahasu Devta Temple Inauguration Ceremony

Location of Mahasu Devta Temple in Bisoi

Mahasu Devta Temple in Bisoi is located in 30 Kms from Chakrata ( In Bisoi Village).

Location & How to Reach Mahasu Devta Temple in Bisoi

Bisoi Temple is located at Bisoi Village, 5 km from the hill town of Nagthat and 30 km from Chakrata. The most common route to Bisoi Temple is as follows.

Route: Delhi – Mussoorie – Kempty Falls – Yamuna Bridge – Bisoi Village (via Chakrata route) – Bisoi Temple

Best Time to Visit Bisoi Temple

You can visit Bisoi Temple throughout the year. However, avoid monsoon months of July and August as the route could be blocked due to excessive rain, slippery roads, and landslides.

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What is Mahasu Devta Temple in Bisoi famous for?

Mahasu Devta Temple in Bisoi is popular place for following activities/ interests - Pilgrimage, Temples, Village Tourism.

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