Panchachuli Base Camp

Panchachuli Base Camp Trek

The Panchachuli Base Camp Trek takes you to the mesmerizing Panchachuli Base Camp at an elevation of 4260 mts with the five peaks of Panchachuli soaring grandiosely in the background. 

Among the five peaks, Panchachuli II has the highest elevation at 6,904 mts. Panchachuli I stand tall at an elevation of 6,355 mts, III at 6,312 mts, IV at 6,334 mts, and V at 6,437 mts. 

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About the Trek

The trek starts from the beautiful Dar Village and goes through the beautiful Darma Valley which features quaint villages, alpine meadows, captivating streams, Himalayan wildlife, dense deodar, and coniferous forests, marvelous glaciers, and River Dhauliganga accompanying you throughout the journey.

Panchachuli Base Camp Trek with its moderate difficulty is a significant one not just for trekkers and adventure lovers but also holds a special significance for Hindus and spiritual people. According to legend, the famed Pandavas of Mahabharata cooked their last meal at Panchachuli before heading for their heavenly abode. 

Best time to visit Panchachuli Base Camp

The summer months of April – June and post-monsoon months of September and October are the best months to visit Panchachuli Base Camp. During summers, the weather is pleasant and colourful wildflowers and clear blue sky with the Panchachuli standing tall and clear will greet you on your journey. 

The post-monsoon seasons will give you the same amount of greenery that monsoon months bring with them along with the added feature of better roads and fewer obstructions. 

Note: Do not opt for the trek in monsoon as the trails will be slippery and even reaching Dharchula could be loaded with problems. The Panchachuli Base Camp Trek is closed during winters.

Activities in Panchachuli Base Camp

Trekking: The entire route leading to Panchachuli Base Camp from Dharchula is extremely scenic with captivating water streams, verdant meadows decorated with flowers, antique villages with their rustic charm, chirping Himalayan birds, and colorful flora. Trekking through the trail filled with such wonders and taking in the landscape and lifestyle of the village folks is a delightful.

Camping: There are many beautiful camping sites en route Panchachuli Base Camp. Whether you want to camp alongside the quaint villages or amidst the colorful meadows while gazing at the night sky, you can do them all. Take your time and trek at a relaxed pace while taking in every bit of this captivating route.

Village Tourism: The route to Panchachuli Base Camp comprises of 12 unique villages. Even with a very few population the villages are lively with the day-to-day activities of the villagers and the buzz of children playing around. There are local shops and homestays available at the villages where you can catch a glimpse of the rural lifestyle. Engage with the villagers as you continue your journey. Their warm and hospitable nature will surely leave you feeling good.

Panchachuli Base Camp Travel Tips

  • The nearest bank/ATMs, petrol pumps, and market is in Dharchula. There are no such facilities available in Dar Village.
  • Getting your permits done is a pre-requisite for the trek.
  • Carry all the essential clothing (depending on the season) and carry light.
  • Carry a medical kit containing first aids for wounds, cut, headache, diarrhea, stomach ache, and pain.
  • The best time to visit Panchachuli Base Camp is during summers and post-monsoon seasons during the months of May-June and September-October. Avoid trekking during monsoons and winters.

Panchachuli Base Suggested Trekking Itinerary

The Panchachuli Base Camp starts from Dar. From Dar Village, the trek route goes through the villages of Nagling, Baling, Dhuktu, among others. The 100 km trek takes a minimum of 6-7 days to complete. Reaching to the trek start point and back by road will take additional 3-4 days.

Day 01& 02: Delhi – Kathgodam – Almora – Dharchula (Drive: 585 km)
The distance from Delhi and Dharchula is 585 kms and you may even have to halt at a city in Pithoragarh district. Start your journey early from Delhi and plan your journey well so that you don’t have to face any discomfort in your journey. You can stay at Almora, Ranikhet, Chaukori, Kausani, Binsar for night halt.

Day 03: Dharchula – Sobla – Dar – Urthing (Highest altitude: 2134 mts, Drive: 42 kms, Trek: 5 kms)
After a healthy breakfast at Dharchula, you will start your journey towards Dar. The 3 hrs drive to Dar is a scenic one taking you through the tribal settlements of Tawaghat and Sobla. From Dar, you will start your trek to Urthing. A simple 3-4 hrs walk through narrow cliffs will take you to Urthing. You will cross the dense Bongling forest and the quaint Bongling village on your way to Urthing.

Day 04: Urthing – Nagling (Trek: 10 kms)
The trail to Nagling will take you through short ascents and descents and verdant meadows. The unique architecture of the houses in Nagling Village is a sight to pay attention to. The beautiful wood and stone carvings on the houses make them even more interesting. Nagling is known for its tabletop meadow, the views from which are mesmerizing to say the least.

Day 05: Nagling – Son (Trek: 11 kms)
Son lies 3 km ahead of Nagling. The trail goes through dense oak and birch forests and lush green meadows. Son is an uninhabited settlement that offers an ideal site for camping.

Day 06: Son – Panchachuli Base Camp (Highest Altitude: 4260 mts, Trek: 4 kms)
The trail from Son to Panchachuli Base Camp goes through Dantu bugyals. The vast Dantu meadows are enveloped in conifers, birches, wildflowers, and shrubs. The view of the verdant meadow with the Panchachuli glaciers in the background is one of the best views of the trek.

The scent of wildflowers will accompany you on the steep climbs and descents to Panchachuli Base Camp. When you reach the top, you will simply fall in love with the vast stretch of beauty lying in front of you. Retrace your steps from Panchachuli Base Camp to Son or Nagling.

Day 07: Nagling - Son (Trek: 11 kms)

Day 08: Son - Urthing - Dharchula (Trek: 15 kms, Drive: 42 kms)

Day 09 - Day 10: Drive to Kathgodham/Haldwani and back to Delhi
We will halt in midway either in Nainital, Bhimtal, Mukteshwar, Ramgarh or Binsar. If you want you can also extend your visit and plan for Jungle safari in Corbett National park. On last day drive back to Dehli or take train from Kathgodam Railway Station.

*Note: This is tentative itinerary for Panchachuli BC Trek, it is fully customization and extendable as per request and conditions.

Panchachuli Base Camp Photo Gallery

Panchachuli Base Camp Trek
The ever magnificent Panchchuli peaks on clear blue day of winter.
Stunning view of Panchchuli peaks and its beautiful reflection in water.
Five peaks of majestic Panchchuli massif are blazed during spectacular and mind-blowing sunset as captured from Munsiyari of Kumaon
Panchachuli Peaks as seen from Dantu village, Darma valley
Panchachuli peaks
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