Restaurants & Cafes in Rishikesh

Here are some restaurants & cafes in Rishikesh.

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Whenever we go anywhere for our holidays we always look for a restaurant with good quality of food along with good hygiene. And keeping this in mind hoteliers of Rishikesh provides you the good quality of food with different cuisine just like home. Because of the holy place in many restaurants onion and garlic are not used in the food. Because pure vegetarian people don’t eat onion and garlic in their cuisine. These types of restaurants are called “Vaishnav Bhojanaalaya”. Non-veg, eggs, liquor selling is also prohibited near the Ganga river.

We can also find out the restaurants according to regions like south Indian, Rajasthani, Gujrati, Chinese, etc according to your taste buds. Here people can find out good value, fresh and delicious food which they want. That’s why in Rishikesh we can see many varieties of restaurants with different cuisines.

1. Freedom café

Here you can feel the positive vibes of River Ganga. Because this restaurant is situated near Ganga from where you can see the perfect view of Rishikesh as well as River Ganga. This restaurant is famous for its Chinese and Italian food along with its good ambiance.

Address: Behind Dr. Kothari Clinic, Laxman Jhulla, Rishikesh.

2. German bakery

The German bakery is also one of the attractions in Rishikesh. If you want to eat some fusion food then this is the place for you. It is a very popular eatery in Rishikesh. It serves interesting dishes such as yak cheese sandwiches and fruit pancakes. It has a small open-air seating overlooking Lakshman Jhula which makes it perfect and different from other restaurants.

Address: Laxman jhula, Rishikesh.

3. Ramana's Garden

Everything here is made of organic and fresh ingredients. This restaurant is known for its friendly staff and prompt service, outdoor seating arrangement and the stunning views it offers. What’s more, you can help contribute to an orphan’s schooling as you dine here.

Address: Village Tapovan, Laxman Jhula, Rishikesh.

4. Oasis Restaurant

Oasis restaurant offers a sort of upmarket dining experience in Rishikesh, with a diverse multi-cuisine menu being served in a pleasing garden setting. Lanterns and candle-lit tables lend a cozy feel to this place. Oasis is recommended if you wish to experiment with global cuisine.

Address: Swargarshram, Ram Jhula, Near Krishna Cottage, Rishikesh.

5. Little Buddha Café

Offering unlimited breakfast, lunch and dinner options, this multi-cuisine restaurant is a great place to lounge and binge at. The food is fresh and the service is quick. The ambiance is cozy with the restaurant designed like a treehouse.

Address: Laxman Jhula, Rishikesh.

6. Ganga Beach Restaurant

Located on the bank of the holy Ganga, the riverside location of the restaurant is picturesque, and it is known for its delicious snacks and light refreshments. Don’t miss the special chilled lassi that is served here.

Address: Shesdhara, Tapovan, Laxman Jhula Road, Rishikesh.

7. Tulsi Restaurant

Tulsi Restaurant is one of the best places to dine at Rishikesh. Delicious world cuisines hospitable staff and great ambiance make this restaurant quite popular. The dim lights and live music here are just perfect to set your mood right.

Address: Near Lakshman Jhula, Rishikesh

8. Chotiwala

An age-old establishment (now split into two) serving traditional Garhwali and North Indian fare, Chotiwala is a pure vegetarian eatery located at Swargashram in Rishikesh. The restaurants, which are run side-by-side by two brothers, are unmistakably identified by their stout mascots seated on raised platforms at the entrance.

Address: Swargashram, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand

9. Café karma

“A Serene place with a Perfect Ambiance”. It is famous for Chinese and Italian. The service of free wifi is also provided here.

Address: Tapovan, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand

10. Rajasthani

It is in Haridwar Road. This is the place where you can find Rajasthani cuisine along with Punjabi and South Indian food. And it is also famous for its sweets. The price which they offered is affordable by everyone. And they do not compromise with taste.

Address: Manvendera Nagar, Haridwar Road, Rishikesh

11. Mama Mia

This is a very cozy place with lovely delicious food. The food is always fresh and full of love. Mushroom Soup of Mama Mia is very delicious. Lalita owns the restaurant and prepares food for her customers.

Address: Tapovan, Laxman Jhula Road, Rishikesh.

12. Honey Hut

Honey Hut is a good option for dining and also offers great Tea and Coffee. Saffron Tea and stress buster is the specialty of Honey Hut.

Address: Near Laxman Jhula Just After 2nd Car Parking, Rishikesh.

13. Native taste

Parathas is the specialty of this restaurant. They also served Lassi, Bread Toast, Coffee, and Cutlet. All the items are good. They also provide free wifi.

Address: Omkarananda Bhawan Kailash Gate, Muni Ki Reti, Rishikesh.

14. Madras café

This café is famous for South Indian Cuisine especially for Idli Sambhar, Vada Sambhar, Uttpam and Dosa.

Address: Laxman Jhulla Road, Near Andhra Ashram, Rishikesh.

15. 60’s café

This is the theme-based restaurant with Beatles photos offering cafe fare and a terrace with dramatic views.

Address: Tapovan, Near Hanuman Mandir, Rishikesh.

 “If you want to boost your taste buds then Rishikesh is the right place for that”.

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