Skiing in Dayara Bugyal

After the popular ski resort of Auli, the next place with natural slopes for skiing is at Dayara Bugyal. Though the there is no infrastructure for skiing such as chair car, ski lift, etc but still many professional trekker and skiers come for skiing in Dayara Bugyal because of its natural beauty.

There are numerous slopes in Dayara Bugyal which are by far the best for skiing. Slopes are categorized for experts and novices and can be selected for skiing as per individual expertise.

Located in Uttarkashi district, Dayara Bugyal is one of the easiest destinations to reach through trekking. After trekking for just 9 kms from Barsu Village you will reach this snow covered meadows perfect for skiing. Dayara Bugyal is spread across 28 square kilometers with average altitude of 3340 mts above sea level. 

Camping is only staying option in Dayara Bugyal, so do book in advance for your camping package with meals and porters. Following is the guide of Dayara Bugyal.   

NIM Skiing Course in Dayara Bugyal

NIM also conducts Skiing Course for 21 days during the month of January - February. The training area for Skiing is Dayara Bugyal Ski Slopes in Uttarkashi. This course depends upon the snow condition at Dayara and thus the dates for this course is decided during January only.

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 NIM Uttarkashi
 Skiing Course by NIM Uttarkashi

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