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The Flatts

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About The Flatts

The Flatts is a well known name for the locals but an interesting place for tourists in Nainital. A centre for recreational activities, the Flatts is a large ground conducting number of sports activities such as Cricket, Volleyball, Basketball, Badminton and Boxing tournaments are organized from time to time by sports authorities. All cultural fairs and festivals in Naintal are also organised in The Flatts.

Mallitaladjecent to lake in Mallital
2.2 kms / 9 mins
From Roadways Bus Stand, Tallital, Nainital
Free Entry
30 mins

The Flatts in Nainital

Famous meeting place for local people and tourists in Nainital, The Flatts is a place of lot of activities on the north of Nainital Lake. Visitors and locals likes the Spicy Chaat Bazaar for junk food and Bhotia Market for shopping on the Flatts. Naina Devi temple, Mosque, Gurudwara, fountain, Capitol Cinema and a Roller Skating rinks surrounds the Flatts.

History of Nainital Flatts

After the landslide of the 1880, the Flatt was developed after removing of all shops and buildings that were completely succumbed in the landslide. Only Naina Devi Temple was re-constructed.  It was specially built as a place of tribute for those 151 people who died during the landslide.

Location of The Flatts

The Flatts is located in Mallital ( adjecent to lake in Mallital).

Location & How to Reach The Flatts

The Flatts is located at the northern end of Nainital Lake near Naina Devi temple. One can easily reach at the Flatts on the Mall Road.

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What is The Flatts famous for?

The Flatts is popular place for following activities/ interests - Kids & family spots , Others.

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