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Auli Guide for Winters

The beauty and landscape of Auli Hill Station increase many folds during winters. And with snowfall, Auli becomes one of the most sought place in India. 

During the months of December to March, the Auli becomes an attraction for the winter sports enthusiasts, due to heavy snowfall which makes it ideal for winter games such as skiing, snowboarding, snow trekking. Every year thousands of tourists visit the slopes of Auli during winters to experience the snow-covered meadows.

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Auli During Snowfall in Winters

So this winter slice your way through the chilly air and challenging ridge as you ski past the mighty peaks of Himalayas on the snowy slopes, hurling snowballs at each other and kissing the snowflakes as the fall down from the sky.

Winter Wonderland: Snow Activities and Events in Auli

Tourism in Auli flourished, and now Auli is famed as India’s one of the best Himalayan ski resorts. The slopes of Auli act as a perfect point to enjoy the sweeping views of the Himalayan peaks like Nanda Devi, Mana Parvat, Dunagiri, and Kamet. Furthermore, Auli snow peaks are notable as the most beautiful inner Himalayas mountains forming a continuous chain that culminates at Nanda Devi.

Auli is a peaceful meadow that urges wanderlust to develop a profound understanding of Devbhoomi legends, and folklore. From June to October, Auli is the only place in the world where over 500 species of high-altitude plants and flowers bloom.

Things to do in Auli in Winters

Visit the Stunning Auli Artificial Lake

The Auli Artificial Lake, the highest man-made lake, is a year-round attraction. The lake is designed to support skiing even in summer by producing artificial snow. Accessible by a short trek or via the Joshimath ropeway, the lake offers spectacular views of the surrounding mountains, which change with the seasons from green meadows to snowy landscapes.

Trek Distance: 2 km from the main road (approx. 30 minutes)
 Entry Fee: Free
 Ideal Duration to visit Auli Lake: Approx. 2 hours

Camping under the star-studded sky in Auli

Camping is a fun experience in Auli and more so if one arrives in Auli in winter from November to February and camping with cold air and bonfires in the night and stars above. The latest facilities are now also moving from tents to RVs withbathhouses, and generator power. Done during a trek or separately, camping here is one of the best adventures in Auli.

Price: The amount of money for each person: INR 1,000 to INR 10,000
Best Months: One has to make sure that they do not visit Auli during the monsoon season which happens from July to September.

Ride on Cable Car in Auli - World's Highest and Second-longest cable car ride

The Auli Ropeway also referred to as the Aerial Tramway provides an aerial sight as it covers between 4,000 feet and 9,500 feet. This is one such cable car ride which is a superb joy ride all the beginning of summer throughout winter and which gives breathtaking views of the Garhwal Himalayas with Nanda Devi. There are two options: enclosed cabin and open chair lift – both are rather steep and can be thrilling.

Cable Ropeway Capacity: 25 people
Chair Lift Capacity: 10
Cable Ropeway Price: Approx. INR 1000 per person (round trip)
Chair Lift Price: Approx. The fare range is INR 500 per person for two-way transport also.
Distance: This activity covers a distance of five kilometres from Auli to Joshimath.

Take Kuari Pass Trek - The Ultimate Adventure

The Kuari Pass Trek which is actually known by the name Lord Curzon Trail is a moderate-level trek and presents breathtaking views of Mt. Nanda Devi and other mountain ranges. The best time to visit is from November to January. This is a 33-kilometer distance, which has wonderful oak trees and the possibility of camping. From Tapovan village near Joshimath up to Ghaeri, this trek is for those who wish to exercise their endurance and at the same time view the majestic Himalayas.

Duration: 4-6 days
Cost: INR 8,000 – INR 12,000 or per person
Difficulty: Moderate

Trek to the Mysterious Chatrakund Lake

A trek to Chatrakund Lake, passing through Gurson Bugyal would be a perfect escapade for those seeking to enjoy peaceful environs and natural landscapes. This particular lake with green tendent and snowy environment in regular summer and winter seasons provides great photo opportunities and wonderful surroundings.

Best Time to Visit: All year except monsoons
Distance from Auli: 5 kilometers

Take Skiing Lessons in Auli and Ski Downhill

So, no matter if you are willing to steep down the slopes as a professional skier or to glide as a novice on a beginner’s slope Auli is an exemplary skiing destination. Exposure to the southern sun, combined with shadows, allows for skiing on snow-covered slopes from December to February, both in alpine and Nordic skiing. There are courses from freelance coaches or you can enroll in the 2-week Skiing Programme by the Garhwal Mandal Vikas Nigam, Uttarakhand. Cross-country skiing amidst the high peaks of the Himalayas with altitudes ranging between 2,520 and 3,049 has proved a thrilling experience. While the temperatures can rise heavily between March and June, the slopes of Auli remain moist and thus snow can be found throughout the year meaning that skiing can be done all year round.

Skiing Season: December to February is another important factor affecting the employees in an organization.
14-Day Skiing Program Cost: Roughly. INR 25,000 per person
Daily Lesson Cost: Approx. INR 500 per person
Eligibility: It requires ages 13 and above
Duration: Approx. 2 hours

Excursion to Nanda Devi National Park and Valley of Flowers

Spread over an area of 87.5 sq km, Nanda Devi National Park is one of the region’s best Biosphere reserves where one gets a glimpse of the snow leopard along with other high-altitude flora and fauna. The park and the Valley of Flowers it neighborsopenfrom June to September, and visitors are required to acquire permits before entering.

Valley of Flowers: The Guinness brewery tours are available daily from June to September. Check Valley of Flowers Tours
Nanda Devi National Park: It remains open from June to September.

Major Events & Activities in Auli in Winters

Winter Events

  • National Winter Games

The National Winter Games held in Auli every year is one of the main attractions of winter games in India. It is recognized as one of the premier events showcasing numerous forms of snow and attracts the national audience both performers and viewers. Skiing can be divided into alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, or skiing with a snowboard doing stunts and races can also do snowshoeing races.

Winter Games are conducted by the Winter Games Federation of India WGF & Indian Olympic Association with the support of Uttarakhand Tourism.

The National Winter Games besides encouraging the development of winter sports also act as a significant source of tourism attracting people who visit Auli to see the captivating event and to immerse herself/ himself in snow-clad mountains’ scenery.

  • Auli Snow Festival

The cultural extravaganza of the Auli snow festival brings a fusion of snow games and the colorful cultural heritage of the Uttrakhand region in India. It generally lasts for several days and includes a program that may complement various types of activities that may interest both thrill seekers and cultural explorers.


Local Music and Dance: As with any cultural program, songs and dances are presented that may include Traditional Garhwali and Kumaoni music and dances.

Cuisine: Entities like the Aloo ke gutke and Bhatt ki Churkani serving food joints enable food lovers to sample the culture of the state of Uttarakhand.

Several activities that are in one way or another related to snow are held during the festival, such as:

  • Skiing and Snowboarding Competitions: It is a topic which is available over the internet for those who want to learn photography from scratch as well as for those who are complete professionals in this field.
  • Snow Sculpting: Sculptors make figures out of snow in amazing fashion, before us.
  • Snowman Building Contests: One instructive entertaining and entertaining activity that families and especially children can take part in.
  • Ice Skating: There are movable ice rings for the visitors, where they can enjoy Ice-skating activities.

Events in Auli in Winter Holidays

  • Christmas and New Year celebrations

Auli is an ideal place for Christmas and New Year celebrations where people get natural snow cover and this is the best time to have some fun of snowfall. It is characterized by several official and popular celebrations which bring happiness and joy.

These celebrations put Auli on the top list of people who would wish to spend their holidays nestled in an amazing place.

  • Skiing Workshops and Camps

Auli is famous for having great skiing amenities available and several companies arrange for skiing training sessions and skiing courses throughout the winter months. These are geared to all skill ranges from learners to novices and they contain tutorial sessions as well as practice parts.


Beginner Workshops: Appropriate for learners, and beginners, these workshops will provide orientation on how to manage the equipment and the techniques of moving on the slope or making basic turns.

Advanced Camps: These camps are however more suitable for experienced skiers and cover activities such as slalom and giant slalom racing, Moguls, and Freestyle Skiing.

Professional Instructors: Most of the workshops and camps are conducted by trained tutors, which guarantee quality disposed training and safety.

Equipment Rental: All the essential necessary skiing gadgets like skis, sticks or poles, skiing boots, and helmets are inclusive.

Practice Sessions: Conclusively, we can determine that there is adequate time for practice on the slopes and training and supervision from the trainers to reinforce the techniques.

These workshops and camps are run by local adventure tourism companies and the government of Uttarakhand which invites professional skiers to teach skiing as a sport and improve their talent.

Check How Auli looks during Winters

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Chair lift at Auli, Joshimath, Chamoli Garhwal Uttarakhand.

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Skiing with Amazing Himalayan Views

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South Asian Winter Games in Auli

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