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Auli is considered among the best skiing destinations of India, and often compared with best ski resorts of the world by the International Skiers and has also hosted the First SAF Winter Games in the year 2011. 

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Complete Auli Skiing Guide

Being blessed with invigorating views of the splendid mountain range of Himalayas, the slopes of Auli provide enough thrills to professional skiers and novices alike. Skiing is one of the foremost tourist activities in Auli. 

Snow-capped mountains and the snow-bedded ground attracts you to take a plunge, all you need to do is fasten yourself to the ski board and fly off. The ski lift system is also available in Auli, which makes it easier for skiers to reach the top.

Auli is located in Garhwal Himalayas, about 250 kms away from Rishikesh and just around 14 kms from Joshimath town. Check how to reach Auli.

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Why Skiing in Auli?

  • At 11000 ft height, the winds accelerate a skier's movements while the woody slopes of Auli balance their velocity which is why it makes for one of the best skiing grounds in the world and an ideal snow skiing tourism destination in India. 
  • The conditions for skiing are perfect at Auli. A 500 mts long ski-lift and an 800 m long chair-lift links the upper and lower slopes.
  • Auli's also famous for hosting skiing festivals and competitions of national and international standards. Winter Games Federation of India organizes championships in February or March, which adds charm to the experience of the adventure seekers.
  • Auli also has India‚Äôs highest artificial lake which was created for the purpose of providing extra snow for the resort in case of less snowfall. 

The wonderful dawn as seen from behind Nanda Devi, the and the gentle snowfall, all these things makes Auli the top winter destination of India. Thus Auli is a must-visit for all the nature lovers and of course for all those who are passionate about skiing.

Slopes in Auli for Skiing

The slopes of Auli are considered amongst the best skiing place in Asia by the skiers of different countries. There are four Ski slopes in Auli:

  • 10 No. Slope (White) is 900 mts long
  • 8 No. Track (Blue) is 800 mts long
  • Temple Track (Red) is for beginners and is 400 mts in length
  • Composite Slopes is 3.1 kms long

Ski-Lifts for Skiers during Skiing Season in Auli

There are two international standard ski lifts for skiers which take them back to high slopes.

Standing Lift for pole shift:  Rs 100 per trip (Pole Shift standing lift joins Temple Track with Tower No. 10)
Sitting Lift for chair lift: Rs 300 per trip (Chair lift connects Auli to Clifftop Club)
*Note: The ski lift price is subject to change.    

Apart from skiing, other attractions of Auli include cable car rides, rope lifts and wonderful views of Himalayan peaks like Nanda Devi, Mana Parbat, Drona Giri, Trishuli, Hathi Ghora, etc. You can also go for day hikes to Gorson Bugyal, Trek to Kuari Pass and other trekking routes near Auli.

Our Auli Skiing packages for 2021 Season

Package Name
Start Point
Cost Per Person
5 Nights Skiing Basic Course (Deluxe Package) 
ex-Auli (min. 2 pax)
Rs 30500 (Details)
ex-Haridwar (min. 4 pax)
Rs 35500 (Details)
5 Nights Skiing Basic Course (Budget Package) 
ex-Auli (min. 3 pax)
ex-Haridwar (min. 6 pax)

3 Nights Short Skiing Course (Deluxe Package) 
ex-Auli (min. 2 pax)

ex-Haridwar (min. 4 pax)


GMVN Skiing Courses

GMVN (Garhwal Mandal Vikas Nigam Limited) conducts 7 days and 14 days skiing courses at Auli and special provisions for day tourists are also available. 

Best time for Skiing in Auli

The best time to visit Auli for Skiing, Snowboarding, and other winter snow activities is from January to March. Skiing is subject to the amount of snowfall.

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Skiing In Auli Travel Tips

  • In Case there is not enough snowfall, you can trek to Gorson Bugyal to experience basic level of skiing.

Auli Tour Packages

2 Nights Camping Package in Auli
3 Days / 2 Nights
Rs. 5,800.00    4,900.00
Road Trips of Uttarakhand
Rs. 14,500.00
Kuari Pass North Face - 5 Nights Trekking Package
6 Days / 5 Nights
Rs. 20,000.00

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