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Auden's Col Trek

Auden's Col High Mountain Pass Trek

Auden’s Col  mountain pass is a high altitude mountain pass which is situated in Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand connecting Rudugaira valley and Bhilangna valley. 

Located in the beautiful Uttarkashi district at an elevation of 5,490 mts, Auden’s Col is one of the least explored treks in Uttarakhand– mainly because of its difficulty. In mountaineering terminology, a col is the lowest point in the ridge between mountains. 

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Auden’s Col connects ridge of Gangotri III from the north-west to the Jogin I from the east. It is considered one of the most challenging treks in Uttarakhand that takes around 14 to 15 days to complete. While the trek route to Auden’s Col is a difficult one – with moraines, glaciers, boulders, steep ridges making things difficult, the reward is equally greater. The first-row view of the Himalayan peaks such as Gangotri group, the Jogin group, the Bhagirathi group as well as Kedar Dome is a sight to behold.

Auden’s Col Trekking Route

Rishikesh – Gangotri – Nala Camp – Rudragaira BC* - Gangotri BC – Auden’s col BC – Khatling Glacier BC – Waterfall Camp/Zero Point – Chowki – Masar Tal – Vasuki Tal KedarnathGaurikund

This trek ends at a tiny hamlet called Ghuttu.  Camp sites, as well as GMVN guest house, are also available there. This road is well connected with motorable roads which connects Ghuttu from Kedarnath. You can take public transportation or private jeep from there.

Auden's Col Summit Trek Video Blog

Shot during June 2018 by Live for Adventure

History of Auden's Col Trek

One of the strenuous passes in Uttarakhand is named after British explorer and surveyor John Bicknell Auden who worked for the Geological Survey of India. He discovered the trail in 1935 and crossed it in 1939. Prominent mountaineers Harish Kapadia and Romesh Bhattacharjee repeated the expedition in the 1980s.

Suggested Auden Col's Trek Itinerary

Day 1: Rishikesh – Gangotri (3100 m, 10 hrs)
Leave Rishikesh in the morning for Gangotri, which is located 270 kms from Rishikesh and will take around 8-10 hours depending upon the traffic. Reach Gangotri by the evening and check into the hotel or guesthouse for overnight stay. Visit the revered Gangotri temple in the evening. 

Day 2: Gangotri – Nala Camp (3750 m, 6 hrs)
Leave Gangotri early morning for Nala Camp which takes trekkers amidst verdant forest landscape comprising of pine and cedar and rhododendron which comes under the Gangotri National Park. After trekking for 5-6 hours we reach Nala Camp and call it a day. Overnight stay will be at Nala Camp near Rudragaira River.

Day 3: Nala Camp – Rudragaira BC (4350m, 8 hrs)
Leave Nala Camp early for Rudragaira Base Camp which is 7-8 hours of trekking as we climb a ridge and walk beside a cascading rivulet. After climbing a steep trail, we reach Rudragaira Base Camp. The mesmerizing view of Rudragaira peak, Jogin peak and Auden’s col from that vantage point is a spectacular sight. Overnight stay in camps.

Day 4: Acclimatization @ Rudragaira BC
The day is reserved for getting acclimatized to the higher altitude as well as atmospheric pressure. Explore and enjoy the campsite surrounded by the magnificent Himalayas. Overnight stay will be in camps.

Day 5: Rudragaira BC – Gangotri BC (6 kms, 5 hrs)
Leave early for the Gangotri base camp. The trek route is challenging and comprises of moraines and requires some technical climbing skills. As the campsite gets closer, the majestic view of the snow-clad Gangotri group of peaks becomes clear. Overnight stay will be in camps.

Day 6: Gangotri BC – Auden’s col BC (6km, 6 hrs)
The trekking trail from Gangotri to Auden’s col is considered challenging due to the rocky terrain and presence of moraine landscapes. The campsite at Auden’s col is rocky and not well-marked but nevertheless, overnight stay will be in tents.

Day 7: Auden’s col BC – Khatling Glacier BC (12 kms, 10 hrs)
This is the moment we all been preparing for – reaching Khatling Glacier via Auden’s col. Leave for Khatling early in the morning as we trek towards Auden’s col which is located 5 kms from the base camp. Use ropes to climb, if required. Once reaching the col (5490m), sit back and enjoy the beautiful view of Himalayas. After some time at Auden’s col, descend 6km for Khatling Glacier base camp. Overnight stay in tents.

Day 8: Khatling Glacier BC – Waterfall Camp/Zero Point (12 kms, 10 hrs)
The 8-km trek in the Khatling glacier continues towards the campsite at Zero Point. The trail is challenging and might require technical gears to continue your journey. Once the glacier is crossed, the trail continues with rocky terrain and moraines. Reach campsite by the evening and overnight will be at stay at camps.

Day 9: Waterfall Camp/Zero Point – Chowki (8kms, 5 hrs)
Start early towards Chowki from the base camp which is located approximately 8 kms away. After trekking 3 kms, we reach a beautiful meadow and relax for a while. After enjoying the view, trek towards Chowki campsite which is 4 kms from the meadow. The grassland at Chowki is ideal for pitching tents. Overnight stay in tents.

Day 10: Chowki – Masar Tal (8kms, 6-7 hours)
We ascend some kilometers before crossing the ridge and descend towards the mesmerizing Masar Tal located at an elevation of 3,000 meters. We pitch our tents beside the lake and enjoy the scenery. Overnight stay in tents. 

Day 11: Masar Tal – Vasuki Tal (12 kms, 6-7 hrs)
Leave early for the trekking towards Vasuki Tal (4800 m) which involves ascent for about 3 kms. The rest of the distance is a descent towards Vasuki Tal which takes around 6-7 hours. We pitch our tents beside the lake and enjoy the scenery. Overnight stay in tents. 

Day 12: Vasuki Tal – Kedarnath (5 kms, 3 hrs)
The revered shrine of Kedarnath is located 5 kms from the Vasuki Tal which will take 3-4 hours to reach. Reach Kedarnath by late afternoon and check into hotel/guesthouses. Visit the temple in the evening and call it a night. 

Day 13: Kedarnath – Gaurikund (14 kms, 3-4 hrs)
Wake up early morning to enjoy the beautiful sunrise. Post breakfast leaves for Gaurikund which is an easy 14-km descent from the Kedarnath temple. Overnight stay in a guesthouse in Gaurikund.

Day 14: Gaurikund – Rishikesh
After a nice breakfast, leave Gaurikund for Rishikesh which will take 8-9 hours. Reach Rishikesh in the late afternoon. Board overnight bus for Delhi from Rishikesh.

Trekking in Auden's Col Mountain Pass:

According to geologists and explorers, Auden's Col Mountain Pass is one of the most deadliest and toughest passes to cross. Garhwal Himalayas remains a rugged task for trekkers.  Khatling glacier which connects this pass is being counted in the most remorseless glacier to cross because of massively infested with crevasses. If you are planning a adventures trek from Gangotri to Kedarnath temple then you have to cross the  Auden's Col first and then Mayali Pass.

Instructions for Trekkers: As this trek passes through the durable conditions where the weather changes on every step, so an experienced guide who holds the good knowledge of the area and has conquered this pass several times is necessary, if you are exploring it for the first time.

Do check the weather condition before planning a tour. However, completing the trek successfully also depends on the expertise, ability and will power of the trekker. Use modern trekking equipment and advance gadgets as the trek is difficult and deadly.

Auden's Col Trek Photo Gallery

The crevasse riddle of Khatling glacier after crossing Audens Col. it is also a part of Mayali Pass
Auden's Col Trek Expedition
Auden's Col Trek with Patangini Dhar
Views during Patangini dhar trek
At Patangini Dhar with glimpse of Auden's Col at the right
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