Khatling Glacier Trek

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About Khatling Glacier Trek

The source of River Bhilangana, Khatling  Glacier is a mesmerizing glacier perched at an elevation of 3,700 m. The  glacier is surrounded by the Himalayan peaks of Jogin group (6,466 m), Barte Kauter (6,579 m), Sphetic Pristwar (6,905 m), and Meru (6,660 m). 

With the pristine lakes of Sahasratal and Masartal seated on either side, Khatling Glacier grandiosely lies in the picturesque Bhilangana Valley. River Bhilangana originates from Khatling Glacier.

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Khatling Glacier Trek via Ghuttu Village
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Khatling Glacier Trek via Malla Village
15 Days / 14 Nights
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Khatling Glacier Trek Via Gangotri
14 Days/ 13 Nights
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Along with the captivating Bhilangana Valley, the high-altitude Khatling Glacier trek offers one of the most distinct scenes throughout its trails. Its routes pass through scenic villages, grassy meadows, crystal clear lakes, glacier moraines, ice sheets, snow-capped mountains, and captivating flora and fauna.

It is the perfect trek for adventure lovers looking for thrill and peace in nature. The initial track is easy but once you start gaining significant altitude, it gets difficult. Hence, the trek is recommended for those who have experience in high-altitude trekking.

Activities in Khatling Glacier Trek

Trekking: The trek route leading to Khatling Glacier goes through the finest scenes of nature from picturesque landscapes, dense forests, and verdant meadows to small villages, captivating river streams, and rare Himalayan flora and fauna. All three routes are unique and full of beautiful vistas.

The trek from Ghuttu Village to Khatling Glacier is famous for its lovely villages and is the easiest among the three routes.

The trek from Malla Village comprises of beautiful lakes and which are refreshing to the soul. The route is a bit longer as compared to the Ghuttu Village route, but the fascinating locations that this route offers is worth the time is taken. The route also includes the famous Kedarnath Temple and is ideal for people who wish to cover it in this trek.

The trek from Gangotri is the most challenging one and we recommend it only to fit and experienced trekkers. The surreal views of Mt.Rudugaira, Auden’s Col, and other Himalayan ranges are worth the arduous trail that leads up to it.

CampingThe camping sites of Khatling Glacier trek varies from meadows to villages wherein you will get to experience enthralling sunrise and sunsets and rare sights of nature that won’t fail to leave you spellbound.

Village Tourism: Throughout your trek, you will come across different villages each with their own features. The beautiful villages are characterized by small huts and houses, terrace farming, and a peaceful atmosphere. You will spot cattle grazers grazing their cattle, children playing around and walking to school, and villagers going about with their day to day activities.

As most of the locations that you will cover in Khatling Glacier trek has its own myths and legend, you will get the perfect opportunity to listen to the stories and delve into the myths through the tales of the local people. 

Photography: Needless to say, photography is something that you can’t miss out on this trek. The extraordinary landscape, the rare sights of nature, pristine lakes, and the welcoming villages, are worth capturing and savoring the memories.

Mythology about Khatling Glacier Trek

According to legend, Bhilangana was a divine spirit who tried to lure Lord Shiva towards her. Lord Shiva rejected her and she, in turn, was distorted to a liquid form. As a result, she originated as River Bhilangana. For that reason, the river, as well as the valley has been named after her. The beauty of Bhilangana Valley serves as the demonstration of her beauty.

There are some Routes to undertake Khating Glacier Trek.

There are three routes through which you can undertake Khatling Glacier trek. One route starts from Ghattu Village in Tehri district and the other two routes start from Malla Village and Gangotri town in Uttarkashi district. Out of the three routes, the route from Ghuttu Village and the Malla Village route are the routes preferred by travelers. 

The route from Gangotri is tougher as compared to the other two routes and traverses via the legendary Auden’s Col mountain pass.

We have included the detailed itinerary of all three routes.

Route 1: Khatling Glacier Trek via Ghuttu Village.

Route 2: Khatling Glacier Trek via Malla Village.

Route 3: Khatling Glacier Trek Via Gangotri.

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Khatling Glacier Trek is recommended destination for Foreigners, Groups.

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