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Rudugaira Trek

About Rudugaira Trek

Located in the Rudu Valley inside the Gangotri National Park, Mt. Rudugaira is a breath-taking beauty perched at an elevation of 5819 mts. 

The peak is seated between Gangotri and Kedarnath and offers stunning views of the majestic Gangotri Massif, Auden’s Col, and Thalaysagar.

Get Mount Rudugaira Trekking Guide, Route, Travel Tips

Rudugaira Trek in Gangotri

The trek route to Mt.Rudugaira is a challenging one and is moderately difficult. The trail goes through a spectacular landscape with a wide variety of fauna and a panoramic view of the snow-clad mountains. The climb up to the summit is the one every trekker and mountaineer looks forward to.    

Best Time for Mt. Rudugaira Trek

The best time for Mt.Rudugaira trek is during the summers and post-monsoon seasons.

The summer months of May and June and post-monsoon months of September and October provides an ideal and safe route for the trek wherein you will be able to complete the trek at ease. During this time, the sky will be clear and the entire valley will be fresh and blooming in colours. Avoid the trek during monsoons and winters.


Mt. Rudugaira Trek  Suggested Trekking Day to Day Itinerary

Day 01: Delhi – Gangotri (Highest altitude: 3100 mts, Drive: 495 kms)
Start your journey towards Gangotri early in the morning as the journey from Delhi to Gangotri is quite a long one. You will be briefed about your trek, have your dinner, and sleep overnight at Gangotri.

Day 02: Gangotri –Nala Camp ( altitude: 3450 mts, Trek: 8 kms)

As you trek towards the Rudu Valley, you will be accompanied with dense pine and deodar forests and come across interesting spots like Pandu Gufa (where the Pandavas took refuge during their years in exile) andRudu Gard. The entire stretch of Rudu Valley offers a beautiful sight with its lush greenery and the Ruduganga River flowing beside you throughout the trek. The Nala Campsite offers mesmerizing views of Jogin and Kedartal ranges.

Day 03: Nala Camp –Rudugaira Base Camp (Highest altitude: 4450 mts, Trek: 7 kms)
The trek to Rudugaira Base Camp goes through lush green open meadows. After many ascents and descents you reach the camp in 5-6 hrs.

Day 04: Acclimitazation Day
Stay in at Rudugaira Base camp

Day 05: Rudugaira Base Camp – Camp near Summit

Day 06: Summit - Rudugaira Base Camp (Highest altitude: 5819 mts)
The summit is where the heart of thrill seekers lie and despite its tiring trail, it is worth a try; the views from the summit are worth a try.

Day 07: Return to Gangotri
You will return to Gangotri, night stay.

Day 8: Departure from Gangotri


Other nearby Treks You Can take with Mount Rudugaira Trek

There are many trek routes that go through Mt.Rudugaira trek route. If you have time, you can incorporate them in your Mt.Rudugaira Trek itinerary.

Gaumukh Tapovan TrekThe Gaumukh Tapovan Trek starts from Gangotri town and takes you to Gaumukh (4,255 m) located at the base of Gangotri Glacier and Tapovan (4,463 m) located above the glacier. The Gangotri-Gaumukh-Tapovan Trek is one of the most sought after trek from Gangotri.

Auden’s Col TrekAuden’s Col Trek comes among the most challenging trek of Uttarakhand. The high-altitude mountain pass located at an elevation of 5,490 m connects Jojin I and Gangotri III peaks. Auden Col lies ahead of Rudugaira Base Camp and you have to cross the base camp to reach Auden’s Col pass.

Kedarnath Trek: The well-known trek route to Kedarnath is through Gaurikund. However, Kedarnath can also be reached from Gangotri which goes through Mt.Rudugaira Base Camp, Auden Col’s Base Camp, and Khatling Glacier. It is a tough trek requiring quite a lot of experience in high-altitude trekking.

Location & How to Reach Rudugaira Trek

Mount Rudugaira is located in the Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand. The route of Mt. Rudugaira trek follows the same route as Kedarnath trek via Auden’s Col. Gangotri is the base camp for Mt. Rudugaira trek. 

Gangotri also serves as the last motorable road for the trek. Gangotri is easily accessible by air, rail, and road.

Route to Mt. Rudugaira

Delhi - Haridwar – Rishikesh – Uttarkashi – Harsil – Gangotri – Nala Camp – Rudaigara Base Camp – Rudaigara Summit - Gangori - Uttarkashi - Rishikesh - Hardiwar - Delhi

Mt. Rudugaira Trek Guidelines

  • The nearest ATM from Mt.Rudugaira is at Harsil. There are no ATMs even at Gangotri. So, ensure that you have sufficient cash and visit the ATM at Rishikesh or Uttarkashi itself.
  • If you are travelling by your own vehicle, get your fuel tank full at Uttarkashi itself. There are no petrol pumps after Uttarkashi.
  • Finding a mechanic in Gangotri is tough as there are no mechanics in Gangotri. You may still get help from people at Gangotri or Harsil. However, if you are looking for good mechanic service, then it will only be available at Uttarkashi.
  • Mobile networks will be available at Gangotri but not on the trek route. BSNL and Airtel have the strongest networks in Gangotri.
  • Do not forget to carry medical kit for headaches, cold, cough, stomach ache, etc. as you could need them during your trek. There is a hospital at Harsil for and a better one at Uttarkashi.
  • Carry appropriate woollen clothing, shoes, and equipment for trekking and camping. Even if you travel in summers, you will need warm clothes for the trek. 
  • Get detailed guidelines for the trek from your guide/agency beforehand and prepare the required items well in advance.
  • The best time to visit Mt.Rudugaira is during summers and post-monsoon seasons during the months of May-June and September-October. Avoid trekking during monsoons and winters.
  • Since, Mt.Rudugaira trek is a high altitude trek preferred by trekkers who love adventure and moderate mountaineers, it is advisable that only those people should opt for the trek who have at least 2-3 high-altitude trekking experience.
  • Owing to the altitude and duration of the trek, altitude sickness and AMS can be a problem for some. Notice if you are feeling nauseous, having headaches, or not feeling well. Inform your group and your guide and practice some relaxation measures like slow deep breathing.
     A serious form of altitude sickness is AMS and you shouldn’t neglect it. Any sort of discomfort must be talked through with the group.
     To avoid such situations, have water at regular intervals, breathe properly, take regular breaks, and do not over exert yourself.


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What is Rudugaira Trek famous for?

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