Places near Chamoli

If you are travelling to Chamoli, we recommend you visiting the following nearby places around Chamoli. Include these nearby places in your itinerary and make your visit to Chamoli more memorable.

NandprayagPerched at an elevation of 914mts above sea level, Nandaprayag is the sacred confluence of Alaknanda and Mandakini River. It is one of the five confluences of Alaknanda River. Nand Temple, located at the confluence is worth a visit. Nandprayag is situated 17km before the town of Chamoli.

Badrinath: Badrinath is the most sacred Dham of the Hindus in India, located at an elevation of 3,133mts above sea level in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand state. Badrinath was established by Adi Guru Shri Shankaracharya in the 9th century. The temple is situated on the right bank of the holy Alaknanda River. The deity of Badrinath temple is Lord Vishnu. Every year millions of tourists and devotees visit this sacred place from May to October month. The temple remains closed during winter months as the region is prone to heavy snowfall. It is situated 98kms ahead of Chamoli.

Hemkund Sahib: The word Hemkund literally suggests 'Lake of snow' and the immaculate water of this lake is as cold as snow. The tenth Guru of the Sikhs, Guru Govind Singhji mediated at Hemkund Sahib for years. It is located at an elevation of 4,329mts above sea level amidst several snow-capped peaks, which are collectively called Hemkund Parvat. A star-shaped gurudwara near the lake is visited by thousands of devotees every month. A temple dedicated to Lakshman, brother of Lord Rama is also located here. One must complete a trek of 19km starting from Govindghat to reach Hemkund Sahib. The best time to visit this place is from July to November.

Chopta: Chopta is popularly known as Mini Switzerland or the Switzerland of Uttaranchal. The number of tourists visiting Chopta has increased in recent years as the region has become a popular vacation spot for adventure lovers and explorers. 

AuliAuli is the most popular skiing and paragliding spot of India situated at an elevation of 3050mts above sea level. Auli affords astounding and celestial views of the enchanting snow-laden Himalayan range. Asia's highest and longest cable car is situated in Auli connecting it with Joshimath. Auli has the distinction of holding the first-ever South Asian winter sports games in 2010. Auli is also connected with motorable roads and is situated 65kms from Chamoli.

Tungnath: Tungnath is the highest temple of Lord Shiva perched at an elevation of 3,680mts above sea level. The sanctity of the region of Tungath is considered unsurpassed as it is one of Panch Kedar and Shiva's arm is worshipped here. The trek to the highest temple of Lord Shiva commences from Chopta. You can reach Tungnath by a 4 km easy but steep trek. An hour's climb from Tungnath will lead you to Chandrashila from where you can enjoy 360-degree panoramic views of the gigantic Himalayas.

JoshimathJoshimath is one of the four 'math' created by Adi Shankaracharya. Joshimath is the home of Shri Badrinath during winters. Joshimath is connected with Auli by the highest cable car of Asia and is situated at an elevation of 1,890mts above sea level. Do visit Kalpavriksha and Narsingh temple while a visit to Joshimath. It is situated 53kms from Chamoli.

Valley of FlowersThe Valley of Flowers National Park is nestled in the west Himalayas covering an area of 87.50sqkms. The trek of 16km to Valley of Flowers commences from Govindghat. The valley is entirely covered with blooming flowers from June to October and with the sheets of snow during winters. The valley of flowers was declared as the national park in the year 1982 and it is now a world heritage site. The valley is home of over 500 specifies of wild flowers. The virgin beauty of this valley lures the botanists, nature lovers and adventure lovers as well. As for now the valley cannot be visited as the trek route is inaccessible after the flash floods of 2013.

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