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About Ghuttu

Ghuttu is a scenic hamlet situated on the banks of Bhilangana River at an altitude of 1,524mts above sea level. It is famous as a base camp of famous treks to Panwalikantha, Khatling Glacier and Masar Tal.

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Ghuttu Tour Packages

Mayali Pass 9 Days Trekking Expedition
9 Days / 8 Nights
₹. 55,000.00
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Ghuttu is situated 64kms northern region of Tehri Garhwal district and the weather here remains salubrious throughout the year. The lush green mountains of Ghuttu and the cascading sound of the Bhilangana River lures the traveler's heart to this place.

Activities in Ghuttu

Trekking: Ghuttu is a beautiful hamlet situated on the banks of Bhilangana River. It is also the base camp famous treks to Panwalikantha, Khatling Glacier and Masar Tal which takes one through the most scenic landscape of Garhwal region. 

Nature Walk: Nature Walks are one of the best activities to explore the lush green surroundings of Ghuttu village. One can hike to a nearby vantage point and enjoy the panoramic Himalayan view.

Village Tourism: Ghuttu is one of the few lesser-known hamlets situated on the banks of Bhilangana River. One can explore the beautiful village learn about their rustic way of life, customs and beliefs.

Ghuttu Tour Packages

Mayali Pass 9 Days Trekking Expedition
9 Days / 8 Nights
₹. 55,000.00

Ghuttu Travel Tips

  • Summer season is a great time to visit Ghuttu as the weather is pleasant although the weather remains salubrious throughout the year. 
  • Traveling to hilly areas in the monsoons season is not preferable as the route is slippery and the region is prone to unexpected landslides, cloudbursts, and roadblocks.

Ghuttu is a small and quiet hamlet situated in the Tehri district. Finding accommodation here could be a little difficult as Ghuttu is not a proper hilly town. One can find a few budget guesthouses with limited facilities available. Luxury accommodation with all facilities is not available here. Due to its growing popularity, slowly, more guesthouses are expected to mushroom in the future.

One can find few roadside shacks serving snacks, and other eatables. Few local restaurants are available that serve simple North Indian meals along with few popular Chinese items like noodles and momos. In addition to that, one can try authentic Garhwali cuisine if one is able to find a restaurant serving the Pahadi dishes. Keep in mind, there are no fancy restaurants at Ghuttu.

What is Ghuttu famous for?

Ghuttu is famous among tourist as Trekking .

Ghuttu is popular destination for following activities/ interests - Base Camps (Trek), Trekking.

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