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About Govind Wildlife Sanctuary

The Govind Wildlife Sanctuary or Govind Pashu Vihar National Park and Sanctuary are located in the Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand. Established in 1955 the sanctuary covers an area of 958 sq km and includes mountains like Swargarohini, Black Peak, and Bandarpunch. The altitude at the park ranges from the average elevation of 1400mts to an astonishing 6323mts and consists of Chirpine, scrub tropical Euphorbia scrub and oak species.

Apart from the sanctuary and wildlife, the place is a popular tourist destination, mainly because of the beauty of its snow-clad peaks and glaciers. Govind Wildlife Sanctuary attracts many trekkers and the most popular of the treks being the lush green Har ki Dun Valley Trek.

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Govind Wildlife Sanctuary Travel Destination

Tourists also frequent the Har-ki-dun Forest Rest house, known for its location amidst a valley of wildflowers. The forest rest houses of Naitwar, Taluka, and Osla are en-route to Hari-ki-dun and are worthy attractions in their own right.

The wide variety of wildlife animal species that live here includes Himalayan black bears, tahr, serow, monal, snow leopard, brown bears, tragopan, chir, bharal, musk deer, koklas, kaleej pheasants, chukar, the bearded vulture, the black eagle, the gold eagle, Himalayan snowcock and many others.

The Ruinsara catchment has been an important area for high altitude expedition to peaks like block Peak and Banderpunch. Har ki Doon, Ruinsaratal, Deokyara, Kedarkantha, and Bhratsar are important places of attraction for the tourists. Swargarohini, Black peak, and Banderpunch are the important peaks in the area.

Activities in Govind Wildlife Sanctuary

Bird WatchingAlong with animals, there are more than 150 species of birds including the golden eagle, the steppe eagle, and the black eagle, the bearded vulture, the Himalayan snowcock and the Himalayan monal pheasant to name a few. It is a birdwatcher’s paradise. 

TrekkingMany popular trek routes including the Har-Ki-Doon commences from the outskirts of the Wildlife Sanctuary. The abundant natural beauty which envelops the national park attracts adventure enthusiasts from all over the world.

Govind Wildlife Sanctuary Travel Tips

  • Govind Pashu Vihar Wildlife Sanctuary is home to many endangered species of flora and fauna. Be a responsible tourist and abide by the guidelines outlined by the forest authorities.   
  • The best time to visit the wildlife sanctuary is from April- June and then from September to November. 
  • Traveling to the hills in monsoon is discouraged as the weather is unpredictable during this time. The roads tend to get slippery and the region is prone to unexpected landslides, cloudbursts, and roadblocks.

In the Eighth Five-year Plan, the Government of India set up the 'Snow Leopard Project' to ensure the long-term conservation of the elusive and endangered Snow Leopard. In 1990, a team of experts chose the Govind Wildlife Sanctuary as one of the implementation sites of the project and, subsequently, 472 sq. km within the upper reaches of the sanctuary (the Snow leopard's preferred habitat) were notified as to the Govind National Park. This area is extremely rich in Ayurvedic herbs which are much sought after by Ayurvedic medic practitioners.

Govind Wildlife Sanctuary Popular treks

  • Sankri - Talika - Osla - Har ki Doon Trek: 38 kms
  • Sankri - Talika - Osla - Ruinsara Tal Trek: 40 kms
  • Naitwar - Himri - Droni - Rupin Pass - Sangla Trek: 60 kms
  • Ruinsara Tal - Yamunotri Trek (High altitude difficult trek): 20 kms

Govind Wildlife Sanctuary Travel Information

  • Altitude: Between 1,300 to 6,323 m.
  • Area: 953 sq km.

Best time to visit: April - June, and September - November

Note: The sanctuary receives heavy rainfall and hence it should be avoided during monsoons.

Entry fees and other charges of Govind Wildlife Sanctuary

Govind Wildlife Sanctuary charges a minimal amount as entry fee and some additional charges for camera and video cameras. Please contact the park officials for more details as the fees are subject to change and are charged as per the season.

Govind Wildlife Sanctuary Information Centre

Wildlife Warden,
Govind Pashu Vihar Sanctuary,
Purola, Uttarkashi.


Divisional Forest Officer,
Tons Forest Division,
Purola, Uttarkashi.

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